Story 5

Here goes. It was a friday afternoon, i just got outta school in some little town in nowhere wisconsin. Me and a buddy of mine drove down to the park to eat our shrooms. Our plan was to eat em at 4, walk around in this park till around 7 when another buddy of ours would come pick us up. By the way, i have never tripped before. We eat the shrooms and our buddy saves us some walking distance by driving us from the parking lot to the other side of the park. For the first 2 hours it was a great feeling. We walked around in the woods just talking and enjoying the trip. We came to this part of the woods where it looked a little strange. Then i tried to remember where i was. No such luck. Tried to remember what time it was. Nope. Tried to remember what day it was. Couldn't remember what a day was. I had lost all memory of detail in my life. I got to the point where i didn't know what the thing between my head and my shoulders was. It was my neck, but i was astonished by it anyways. I tried my hardest to remember a number to call, couldn't remember my own. My friend couldn't remember his moms name. Our main fear was that we were gonna get busted by cops. I remembered where my car was and i knew that we had to get outta there. The visuals had gone away for the most part so we started to drive. I could not think of a place we could go for anything. We had to drive around till the trip wore off. I knew i could drive well enough not to get in an accident. First place that came to mind was mcdonalds. We went in there, the whole place was empty. The floors were all dirty and trash was scattered all over. I looked at the Cashier, and she looked 120 years old with dirt on her face. We were freaking out. We got outta there asap. Next place, a movie! Great, got to the movie theatre. Walked up and there were no people in sight. No Movie advertisement signs but the lights were on, and there were cars there. We looked in and there was nobody. I looked at my buddy, his eyes were black, no color. We checked our pockets, we had loose change and no wallets. We were wearing dirty jeans from the park, black shirts and sandals. Just looking at each other was terrifying. Things progressed like this for about 3 hours of driving. If you are wondering how much we ate, it was about a quarter each. If you can have a bad trip on shrooms we did. I'm sure this story is boring as hell, but someone has to be able to relate to the terror of not knowing what life is. Thinking that the last 16 years of your life was just a trip, and you were just waking up. That was my first trip, next one....this weekend. :-