Story 50

hi i am about to turn 18 and i must write about my first acid experience. i used to be a liar and told people i had tripped many times in the past. i had done mushrooms before i did acid which i thought was great. Truly though i tripped for my first time october 3 this year. i bought 6 doses from a friend of mine. i was going to see my fav band phish at rosemont horizon and to celebrate it being my 10th show i decided to drop, actually i was really looking for a reason to. anyway, i took 4 before i left for the show. i knew it would take like an hour and a half to hit. on my way in the car to the show (no i wasnt driving) it didnt hit. while we were wandering the lots it still wasnt working. it had been like two hours, it was dark and raining, and i didnt feel a thing. i felt pissed, like my night was ruined. i had money so i bought 3 liquid hits from a guy in the lot. he told me to smile and that i would have a great show...but i was still pissed that i was "had" for the first 4. my friend(hes clean) and i got to our seats and i noticed a little difference in the way things passing by my head sounded and how things at the corners of my eyes looked. there was still nothing huge though. then the show started and the lights went off. thats when i realized the original four hits WERE working on me. even when the band hadnt taken the stage yet i was hallucinating like crazy. when i swung my head while dancing to the music everything i saw when i moved my head became one object which spawned fractals that shot every which way and i realized my head was no longer moving. i was staring at the ceiling of the horizon, it was still, but i was certain that it was moving in a circle. too much happened at the show to tell, just like with any trip. the lights blew my mind...i felt as if they were being shot onto my face, into my brain, into my heart, through my soul, and back to the flow of the universe. at the set break i went nuts. everything i saw when the lights went off was talking to me. EVERYTHING WAS. my friend and i split up (dumb eh?) and i went walking. where? the hell if i knew...i met kids from my school and talked i could tell they could see how fucked up i was. when i walked i couldnt tell if i was moving and when i was wondering if i was moving i slowed down, or at least i thought i did. Then i though people were yelling at me because i wasnt moving. all the imaginary negative vibes were too much. it sucked real bad. somehow i managed to get back to my seat after wandering the concourse. thank the universal force of life or god or whatever divinity you believe in... the second set was incredible. to anyone who like phish all i have to say is... BIG BLACK FURRY CREAUTRES FROM MARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... this changed my life i swear to god it did. strobe lights, the band screaming at the top of their lungs, trey (guitar player in phish) played behind his back, then he did this feedback thing where he swung his guitar like an axe an amplified and resonated was unreal. there were guests for the encore...they rocked/bluesed it out... on the way home we listened to the end of dark side of the moon...cliche but great i sat in bed for about 7 hours listening to music, watching my super duper incredible hand, and staring at the ceiling which began to turn into shapes and snow, but i didnt think it was strange. i was tripping until next day at school in the morning. i will never forget my first trip. ive dont it since and love it no matter how unhealthy it is for you sorry if this is real incoherent but i had to get it out