Story 51

I've got a few good ones but I'll give ya the BAD trip first only because it would probly be the most interesting goes It all started one Friday night...Me and my friend Bob were going to mega dose and smoke up.(he had never tripped before to this point, I was 17 at the time he was 15) We took the acid around 6pm and I had to hook up a couple other of my friends so I had them meet me in the neighborhood about an hour this point it was really starting to hit as we walked outside we both felt a bit nervously goofy...(we took 4 hits each) So i got the stuff to my friends and we headed back to my we got in this same feeling seemed to intensify, as we both looked over at a Chicago Bulls logo on a jacket that was on the rack we fell on the floor laughing uncontrolled pointing at it and making jokes about the bull, was pretty crazy it made 0 sense but was funny as hell heh. After a while of that we went upstairs and alas the floor began to move and the trails off our cigarettes were many. It got more and more intense, a friend called me and I couldnt even pay attention to him long enough to figure out what he was saying, i then told him i was trippin hard and had to go. By now its about 10pm (we spent a lot of time screwing around doing nothing for a while eating etc) the trip is in full effect at this point and we were waiting for 12am to smoke our joint. As I turn on the TV Return of the Jedi is on USA network station and my jaw just about dropped off my was amazing just amazing, when the star destroyer crashed into the deathstar it was unreal. But here is where it got ugly, for some reason the Emperor has this blurry wierd looking thing on the side of his hood, when I asked Bob if he saw this blurry fragment he said yes and we thought we were both hallucinating seing the same thing.(but it was actually there) Somehow this through us off bad, I blanked out for a bit because i went so deep into thought trying to figure out how the hell we saw the same thing. Anyway once we smoked the joint it was all over, I dont know what he was thinking I just remeber him saying he was damn scared. And we continued thinking about how this happened(what the remedy was) and it was giving us a mega bad trip. For some reason i just kept going SO deep into my own thoughts I couldnt figure out what reality was....we threw on Mortal Komabt 2 for the SNES and began to play. We were normally wizards at this game but couldnt even figure out how to kick at this point...this turned the trip even uglier, we decided we couldnt figure anything out so we turned on the TV. Everyone on TV looked totally freaky(bulges of flesh coming out of their heads, all kinds of crazyiness)So switched that off and just freaked out for a while(we didnt hardly say anything to eachother or even look at eachother, I was going through all kinds of dementions and portals in my head trying to figure out what went wrong. I even went through a complete replay of us earlier that day when we were walking down the street before we dosed...was so wierd i was totally reliving it in my head but i was in my room. I decided even that it was something i said during the day that had given us this bad trip...) we tried to goto sleep but that didnt work. Eventually the trip ended and we watched some replay of a basketball game at 4am just happy to be back to sanity(closer to sanity anyway)