Story 52

I was with my brother and it was my first time. He had bought 4 blotters and he offered them to me. So I said what the hell, they are right there in front of me, why don't i just take 'em. We sat in the back yard and let them sit on our tounges for about 15-30 minutes and then my brother anoucces "Mia, I am trippin'" and I said "How do you know?" he said, "Stare at the stars and they move around and change places" and about 45 minutes later he was walkin around actin a fool. And I was really feelin it so i was EXSTREAMLY PISSED OFF AND ANOYED. But about 30 minutes later i was staring at my cealing and i saw it crumble up like paper and go of into space. And said to my self "HOLY GOD" what the hell did John (my brother) give me? And he was in the room sayin "OH MY GOD I SEE THOSE LITTLE COLORFUL SQUARE AND CIRCLES" and i said "what the hell u talkin bout man?" he said "look" and of course i didnt. And to make a long story short we ended up sneakin out and smoking a cuban cigar (my dads) and starin at the stars. And by the way my mom walkin into my room about 4 times and killed my trip hard core but i was still fucked up till about the next day. Okay this is her brother (John) this is the tripping experience from my point of view. I had bought it at school from a friend... hooked me up and said this shit is from amesterdam its gon fuck you up. Being my first time tripping I was like.. "this is it?" he said "bro, thats all yer gonna need" so time passes, I get home and my sister and I take the blotters. About 15-20 min. later I saw trails like I didn't belive could be true. So I got up, said " I'm trippin" and took a shower. In the shower was the best thing I've ever done. I saw these colorful shapes, fucked my head ALLLLL up. And i got up and i heard a tune outside the door and started to sing. Next thing I know I'm sing with a mic in my hand on a stage singing "You are So Beautiful" and then I stop myself and say... "what the fuck am I doing?" well the night went on, we smoked a cigar , saw the walls cave in..; ya know.. the norm. Then I ran into the living room, sat in the broke down chair and looked at my leg. I saw a red dot... looked like rain... HOLY SHIT, IT WAS RAINING BLOOD IN MY MOTHER FUCKING HOUSE... shit was madd dope, and thats the end of our little.... trippin story... thanx