Story 53

hey.I live in Perth, Australia, and im gonna tell u about the best trip of my life.OK, it was a Friday night, and me and two friends were goin to a club/bar.So earlier that day we hooked up some trips.My friend micheal picked them up and met me and my other friend claude met him out the front of the club/bar.They were called green aliens and they cost $20 each, which is fukkin expensive, but they r supposed to be awesome, and we got three off the bottom of the sheet, which is a bonus. So we popped them at 7, and by 7:45 i could start to feel that oh so familiar tingle up my spine.About 20 minutes after that, i started to really feel the was kickin in fukkin strong.i started fully hallucinating, everybodys speech was slowed down to a drool and i saw peoples shadows walking round by themselves.i was really enjoying myself for about half an hour, until some asshole that i knew found out i was tripping.he started being and asshole and started trying to flip me out.that put me in a paranoid state of mind. i sat down on a couch at the club, and didnt move for 3 hours.i thought my head was a baloon, and that i didnt have a wasnt till my friend claude said we were goin till i realised i had a body. so me and claude caught a cab to my friends chris' house, who parents were away, and micheal left which a the cab on the way home the trip started to get really intense, it was awesome.i was seein all sorts of friend claude, who was sittin up front was flippin out too.the cabbie was lookin at us all weird, it was funny as hell. all of a sudden claude turns round to me and says really loud LETS GO TO MCDONALDS, for some reason i founs this really funny, and i tryed my hardest to keep in my laughter.after about 10 minutes of flippin out in the cab, we arrived at my friends house.when i got out of the cab i could hardly walk and i had this huge smile on my face (which i am told i had the whole night).As soon as we walked into chris' house, his older brother tells us to get outside and smoke some dope with him.the time by the way is like midnight. so we have some buckets with his brother, and walk inside,i phone my mum and say im stayin at chris'.i then get a glass and get a drink of water out of the tap. the water starts dripping down on my hand, and i started the believe that my hand was friend chris and his brother and his brothers mates all pass out from drinking too much, so me and claude are left awake.we walked outside, had some more pot and then sat down in his living room and watched TV and listened to music.the next 5 hours was spent hallucinating out of my brain.i was in a gameshow, where i was presented with life, i tried to cut of my hands, i saw monks walk into his house and my friend fukked around with my head, chewing on bubblegum saying it was his tongue.we watched sum weird ass show called kung-fu, which spun me and claude the fuck out.i finally fell asleep at like 5:15 in the morning.i woke up 2 hours later, had more buckets and talked to claude about the trip. we told each other our hallucinations and shit.i can say without a doubt that this was the best trip of my life. _________________