Story 54

Really intertaining page! So relateable. I was 17 when i first tripped with a friend of mine at this hippie party in my old hometown. I'd never used any of that hippie crap before, so i was cynical and kept complaining that nobody used enough cola anymore. I took three hits, she took many, and we sat on this log by a huge huge huge bondfire listening to some hippie play the bongos that were somehow plugged into an amplifier. I'm still wondering if they were really plugged into an amp...but anyway, we're sitting there and probably an hour has passed and this metrenome of bongo playing is getting to my brains and at the very same exact moment my friend and i look at each other and i can see her hair growing very long, and she says she sees my eybrow barbell turning into a vine. So we get up and walk over to the lawn of this farmhouse where the party is at, and its getting colder outside and my skin starts doing the goose-flesh thing and i start to really feel it hitting me; all over my skin, its like a really cold bath almost. I look over at my friend and she's starring at this little squirrel lawn ornament, and I talk myself into not telling her how cold I am because she's the only one with a jacket. More people are arriving, and this "hippie" party is looking more and more like the punkhouse parties I was used to. There's just this deadly amount of people, and i can almost feel them walking past us, and it feels like they're stepping on our shoes as they walk by and I say "fuck you guys, get off my damn feet". This is where it gets scary. It's probably about midnight, and we've smoked too many spliffs to count. We get up, and the electric bongo player is looking right at me...and i notice that his face has this long thin crack in it, like right along the side of his cheek and down to his chin, his face is slowly splitting open and i can almost get close enough to see inside of his brains, but he grabs my hand like i'm supposed to be feeling sane or something at this point. He starts to tell me this long and terrible story about how he has a bad feeling about tonite, how he knows something is going to happen---and suddenly everything lights up like in the wizard of oz when its all black and white and then all of a sudden its technicolor magic. His hair is long and almost platinum colored green, and his eyes are glowing like the gremlins in the dark, but it looks good to me at the moment----i remember wishing i knew his name, because it was kind of impolite to keep calling him bongo guy---and he tells me that my hands look amazing, like hands you see in the lotion commercials----and i realize that he's got to be tripping right along with me. I think we were just about ready to head into the house to get it on, when the road in front of the house lights up with police car lights and sirens out of the blue. But the lights were'nt yellow, red, and blue like they are in the was like a blacklight glow from the cop cruisers and the sirens sounded like babies crying from far away, but the cars were like three hundred feet from me. And the bongo guy tries to bolt, but from the woods all around us men and some women with machine type guns surround us, and i mean all of us...all three hundred hippies, punks, and me. And the bongo guy trips out and starts yelling and stuff, i wish i remembered what he said because i think it was from the disney movie with the paperboys....latin or something. So we all get sort of corraled in this big bunch, and they start separating us out, searching us for weapons, drugs, and well condoms too because i think condoms are illegal in kansas, but thats just me. Everyone had long since dropped everything they had, i swear if someone had come the next morning and discovered this site it would have been like a treasure hunt because i bet pounds and pounds of mysterious substances were everywhere in little golden plastic baggies. The whole time i was in the corral, and getting searched and everything, the whole scene was like quiet no sound whatsoever. I was wondering if i was actually deaf, getting worried about it, so the whole drug bust thing didnt matter much to me at that point. And i remember thinking back to earlier in the night when me and my friend first got to the party, how we saw this pretty little hellicopter fly overhead and she commented that hellicopters defy the laws of science and everything. Turns out the KBI defys the laws of decentcy. So my friend and me get separated from each other, so i resort to standing around this homeless type barrell with a fire in it, but i can look into the fire and i see all this crazy shit, like nazi concentration camp stuff, and i begin to wonder if the KBI is going to put us in a hippie concentration camp and shave our heads and everything. So i'm looking into this barrel of fire, surrounded by a shitload of other hippies and punks---weird combo i know---and someone says to me if they hear coyotes. I didn't think i'd heard coyotes, but when he said that i heard them...i mean really heard them like they were in the backyard or something. It took about three hours to search everyone, and all of the fires were dying down and it was getting really cold, i began to thank my friend for being a hippie because some hippie fellow gave me his jacket and i remember it because it had these litttle long hairs on it, like it was his girlfriends or something. When the KBI was done with us, after loading up cop cruisers like clown cars with hippies, I couldnt find my friend and i got really scared that she was in one of the cop cars so i started asking around and nobody had seen her in a long time. So i went to her car, I had the keys, and started it up. Some people got in with me because it was so cold, there was this one girl who looked like patty hearst who kept saying that her dad worked for the police or something and that she thought she had seen him there, so she was all slumped down in the backseat of the car. I smoked someone's really bad tasting indian cigarettes, and found a bottle of water under the seat that tasted like tweak tastes in the back of your mouth. Damn, i've written a lot. So i decide that the best thing to do is to leave with all of the other people that were in line to leave in their cars. The cops were giving everyone breath tests as they left, and i had too much to drink--it was a microbrew from missouri i think--but i decided that id chance it anyway, and be superman and save all of the other hippies asses. I could still hear the coyotes, and still had on the little hairy jacket, but finally there was sound other than weird shit. I got to the checkpoint, failed the breath test twice, and the cops let me go. They said "i'm going to let you go here, but the highway patrol wont be so kind if you get pulled over". I told the police that i'd just gotten my tongue pierced, which i had, and that the mouthwash i was using had about one hundred percent alcohol in it. I stuck out my tounge to show him my barbell, and he got grossed out because i imagined my mouth being all purple and i think it suddenly was purple and it freaked him out. So i drove to the nearest gas station and let out all of the hippies, id totally forgotten about my friend. i slept in the car that night, drinking tweak water and smoking joints until the next morning. I guess the KBI got lots of people with cola that night, it caused an uproar. So in the morning i felt fine, sort of happy to have gotten away. I dropped the car off at my friends house, had a pal pick me up and take me home. I thought i was done with my trip, but when i got in the shower at home i felt sand particles all over my body that i cant rinse off. And i look down at the water and its like a million diamonds rinsing off my body and down the drain. I chalked that up to some good acid, and made some phone calls. My friend made it home that afternoon after spending the night at a strangers house. We never went out together again, but i think she still deals back home. Learn your lessons the hard way i guess.