Story 56

Im not a new comer to acid by any means, Ive triped about 20-25 times and thrown in about every other drug somewhere along the line but this was by far the strangest thing that ever happend on a trip. I saw a UFO, and Im still confused about whether it was real or not becouse Im not the only one who saw it. Usually I can figure out what is real and what my brain is making up but this was the most real thing I had seen. Me and two buddies dropped 2 green jellies and a roll (extacy) and sat around in my basement for a while ( my basement is set up specifically for tripping in so it can get pretty intense down there) about two hours after we first indulged in our dose whe went out to my car becouse I left my smokes out there. When we got out there we got destracted by the stars and after about 5 minutes of that we all saw what looked like an airplane at first but the sound was like no plane I had seen before. When it got directly over head it looked oval shaped and made a sound way to load to be a plane ( in less it was flying extremely low ). That was 2 nights ago and Im still confused about what it realy was.