Story 57

Where Was I ? It was a Saturday night and me and my friend Bianca had 4 hits of Dancing Condoms acid. We decided to trip out ass's off so we both took 2. We figured we got jipped because about 30 minutes after taking them we weren't feeling shit! But little did we know, we were laying on my couch watching the Matrix (did the fuck us over pretty bad). All of the sudden I felt like I was in the movie ( the part where the black dude is in the all white room explaining the matrix) and I was sitting there listing to him talking to me about it. The the room began spinning and I found myself back in my living room, my friend Bianca was tweeking out, she was laying on the couch with her hands in the air thinking she was flying. Then I felt like I was in a tornato of some sort. Where every once in a while a naked couple making out would float by me. I then realized this wasn't true. I began to really focus on the movie and realized that the oracle was my grandmother (go figure). Then I looked at Bianca and she was just laying there looking kind of out of it. I began to study her face and I realized how much she looked like marilyn manson. Then the room began spinning and I felt sick to my stomach. I began to cry because I was thinking about my ex-boyfriend and I was yelling saying, oh jeff why did things have to change, I swear things will get better I promise. And my friend Bianca was like I am sooo sorry lisa it is ok. Then we kinda hushed up. and I think we just feel asleep. The next mouring my mom was telling me how she tried to wake me up and my eyes where open very widely and I looked like I had seen a ghost. While eating breakfast I realized how good the beacon had tasted. And how fresh the air had smelled ect. That was my big trip. It was great.