Story 58

Me and my friend were going to an all night rave lock in.Before it we took some acid.We bought 6 each.We took it before but for me this was the best trip I ever had.So when we got there it hadn't hit us yet.Then I saw things changing.I felt light in my head.Everything was shaking and swaying.After a while it got worse.I was getting sweaty and so me and my friend got some water but it didn't do much for us.Then I saw the devil.It all looked real.Every where was on fire and I was so fucked up I just laughed at it all.We got a bus home and we took the wrong bus home.Next morning we had to go to school.First we had to find out where we were.I was just getting over the trip and when we came home we got in lots of shit for missing school and not coming home.It was my best trip because we got lost and missed school and we had sex with some women at the bus stop because nobody was out.I've had a few trips since then but not as good as that one.It was FUCKING GREAT.Keep taking acid everybody because it makes you insane.