Story 59

Here it goes, I'm no good at righting stoeies so. It was new years of 2000. I neve rtried acid before this was the first. My friend Amy and my ex gitlfriend were babysitting so I went over thinking I could get lucky with a couple of buddies of mine. Uninvited but, they were suspecting us to show up. So Missy my exgirlfriend had five hits with her. I took one Amy took one Missy took two, My buddy took one. So we dropped. My buddy and me went out and smoked a couple pipe loads just to relax till the acid kicked in. So we were relaxing then it started my friend Amy hit the floor. She was having a hard time to breathe but we got her laughing and she could stop. My friend had to go home early, because he wasn't liking the way I was acting I guess. I was just chillen, I had stuff on my mind. Any ways I started to relax a little later in the night so I was having fun with one of them simon games, withthe lights, to test you memory, I was ever trippen, I stated seeing fucken trains and everything coming to hit me. Iwas so wacked I thought the police were raiding the house. When new years came I missed it cause I was starning at the fun going around. here is some edvice! don't stare at fans, I was so fucked I forgt how to get home it took me an hour just to walk down the street. I was so tired the next day the only time I move was to lite up. I'd do it again. Its better then being drunk.