Story 6

I wrote this as an essay for english class about an incredible experience in my life. You can put this on your page.

My First Trip

About three days before my sophomore year began, I experienced one of the most incredible, fantastic, ecstatic and mind shattering experiences of my life. This was by far the most amazing thing to happen to me this in this past month, maybe even in my life. I used LSD for the first time. I had been in the country with my parents all summer, but me and my friend from my old school here in New York had secretly been planning this for quite a while. In an incredible stroke of luck, my friends mother and little sister were to be out of town for several days, and would still be gone when right I got back to the city. The day after I returned to the city, I went over to my friends house at about 7:00 in the evening. We got a 6- strip of which a third friend (who was not tripping himself that night) took two to keep. At about 10:00 my friend and I dropped, 1 tab apiece, mine having a Celtic cross printed on it (in retrospect I wish I had done 1 1/2 or even 2). All three of us went out on the terrace smoked a blunt. While we were smoking it, two other friends from my old school dropped by, and we finished the blunt with them. I was completely stoned out of my mind, and as I sat down on the couch couch I could feel the first effects of the acid coming on. My limbs were heavy and I felt just plain weird. My mind felt all scrambled in a way much different than just pot. When an object, such as some ones arm moved across a contrasting background, trails were left behind. The world had a pixilated look, like a low resolution computer image. When I closed my eyes, the first hints of patterns started to appear on my eyelids, faintly colored, very quickly moving (with a kind of choppy motion, like film from the ‘20’s) fractal looking things. We went into my friends room, and the others watched TV, and I sat and drew. As the drug began to take a stronger hold, I kept overamping my motions like crazy. I began to draw in great flailing motions, making wild colorful streaks across the page. Within the lines I could see patterns, specific forms of animals and writing and such, but as I look back on it later, most of it looks like random scribbling. I was beginning to feel extremely hot, and was sweating like a pig. As the effects strengthened, the feeling of being drenched in sweat began to feel more and more like my body was melting, or that my skin was turning to liquid. One of my arms was feeling really big, and the other one felt tiny. I heard a buzzing sound and felt a fly light upon my neck. I slapped it. There was nothing there. I was hallucinating. Later, when all my friends except for the one I was tripping with left, was when I really started to trip hard. We put Fantasia on the VCR, and the combination of the music and the colorful, happy scenes depicted by the film put us in the perfect tripping mind set. Each of the images sent my mind of into weird loops of distorted thought. Although the TV itself looked and sounded completely normal (not much else did) it was the mind set it put us in, and the deeper perception and understanding of the music and imagery in the film was what made it so fantastic. About halfway thorough it grew difficult to concentrate on, so we turned the TV off and put on some music (I think it was Jimi Hendrix). That sounded incredible! The sound was distorted, sort of shifting and breathing in a way that is very hard to describe. I realized that we must be almost halfway through the trip, as at least an hour had passed since we put in that CD. I then realized that we were only on about the second track. The music sounded far, far away now, although I could sort of feel it, and see it in the form of moving geometric patterns on my closed eyelids. A plane flew overhead, its engines sounding very liquid. On my closed eyes the patterns were getting much more intense. I could see colored spheres and lights moving around off in the distance, in a strange cosmic dance of some sort, then lining up and racing off into infinity. I don’t remember anything for a long while, but the next thing I do remember was going to the bathroom to get a drink of water. The toilet looked very distorted, sort of bent upwards and bulged out. The tile floor was moving and swimming. When I walked down the hallway, the hallway kept moving and distorting and doing strange things. When I looked at a wood floor, the wood grain patterns began to move, flow and pulsate. The case for a Smashing Pumpkins CD with black and white concentric circles was looking grainy, with a faint rainbow in the center. When I got back to my friends room, a Chemical Brothers CD was on, and my closed eye there were lines and blue grid patterns spinning around and stretching as far as my minds eye could see. Inside each square of this blue grid pattern were these red spheres with electricity looking stuff all over them. Time was still dilating like crazy. I looked out a window and saw a building begin to melt, as if it were made of plastic and heat had been applied, its colors flowing down and melting together. The building was also bulged out at the middle. I then went out on my friends terrace to watch all the buildings melt. All of a sudden everything sounded much closer. The most common auditory distortion I got was this feeling of being a subway roaring down a tunnel and then out into the light, with the sound sounding far away and then rapidly growing in volume, as if it were the light at the end of the tunnel. I know that isn’t the clearest description, but its the only way I can think of to compare it to something in the real world. My friend started to get worried that I was going to try to fly off the terrace or something, so he made me come inside, where I stared at this really bright light and turned it on and off really fast, making a strobe of sorts, causing an explosion of writhing, flowing psychedelic colors. Me trancing on a light bulb started to bother my friend so me made me stop looking at it. I grabbed this glow in the dark koosh ball and started playing with it, the glowingness and doing interesting things to my perception. I really tripped hard on that koosh ball, the rubber hairy things starting a cascade of strange tactile hallucinations. Hendrix’s “Fire” came on, and both me and my friend went bonkers. We started jumping up and down and bouncing all around the house like the pair of tripping fools we were. The most beautiful thing I saw on my trip was when I got into bed, lay on my back and shone a flashlight up on the ceiling, and zoned out on the circle of light it made and Pink Floyd’s Dark Side Of The Moon. My friend was busy trancing out on the music and and this book of optical illusions, so he didn’t break my trance this time. The circle of light began to look extremely weird, with ring and line patterns in it, looking kind of like the cross section of a tree trunk except that the patterns were moving. My friend later said that it looked to him like a WuTang Clan symbol. After a while, this hallucination became three dimensional, with the tree cross section pattern beginning to look very textured, like very gnaraly tree bark, with that kind with all the smooth bubbles and spheres and things on it. These also kept moving in a flowing, liquid motion. After a while the batteries in the flashlight died, so I cast it off. The next thing I really remember is waking up in the morning, with Pink Floyd still playing, feeling mentally energized and happy, but at the same time feeling a little weird and paranoid, and quite physically tired and nervous about having to deal with my parents so soon, as I had to get home fairly quickly.