Story 60

hey wats up everybody, i have one thing to say....its not worth all those highs if you have one really bad experience like mine. my name is eric and im from NJ. one day i was just chillin at my house and one of my friends calls me up and says they got some stuff. the only thing i ever did was weed once and thats it. i barely got a high before, but i decided to go. so i rode my bike down, he was like a 5-10 minute bike ride. when i got there they were just chillin watchin t.v., so they are like ready so they rolled up a blunt and asked if want them to put coke in it too so i said NO WAY i want just pure stuff. god knows what was in it. we smoked it up and i walked toward the mirror to look at myself. my eyes were so small and cracked red like 1 minute after. i went sat on the bed and started cracking up for no reason, suddenly i just got knocked out on the bed. a little while after i woke up and the whole atmosphere had changed. i felt like i had died and god was punishing me. so i started flipping out and everyone was trying to calm me but i was going crazy. then i got knocked out again and got back up with the same feeling. the whole room was bright as shit and i felt like i was in a dream. no other way to put it, I WAS SCARED. i rode my bike home thinking i was dead, about to cry. i finally got home and thought bought stabbing myself to see if i was dead. i decided not to and i went and looked in the mirror. my lips were big as hell and they looked purple. i went to my parents and told them everything and finally the trip calmed down. the worst thing is the aftershock. about 2 months the same thing happened out of no where and since then its happened a couple times. i have bad nightmares bout it and i notice every little thing like airplanes over my house and shit like that. now im going to a doctor because i cant distinguish if im dead or if im alive. so everyone learn from bad experiences because you could get 100 great trips, but one bad one could do it to you........peace