Story 61

I am only 16. I smoke a lot of bud but i swore i would never do acid because of the crazy shit i've heard about it. Well one night I was really drunk, and a friened came down from Seattle with some liquid acid. I took 2 drops in a sugar cube, and then my life changed forever. It was like it hit me instantly. I was the only girl with like 20 guys. Which was cool because i feel more comfortable around guys. I'm sitting there, and things started getting a little trippy. Then I looked up and saw fat bastard on the t.v. We were watching Austin Powers and the laughing started and my trip was fuckin bas ass from then on. I didn't even take the shit until like 12 a.m so i was trippin until like 10 the next morning. anyway the main highlights were probably seeing frosty the snowman wave at me every time i looked in a certain direction and sitting in an orchard talking to bunny rabbits. I think for the few hours I was tripping I went fucking insane. The coolest part about tripping would have to be the body high, you feel like your on another planet. Well i don't think i will ever do acid again but i will shroom because i heard it's just like acid. Oh and my friend put liquid in one eye, he also toolk 2 drops. He ended up hiding in a sleeping bag in a closet a nd freaked when someone tried to come near him. I'm glad i didn't trip like that. name this one "friendly bunnies". I felt like snow white. peaceout 420 i wanna hear about one of your trips