Story 62

Alright...well some pals of mine and I all decided that since school wasn't in session on this one day, we would all get together and trip. We, of course, expected acid but ,on the day before, were informed that the only thing available was shrooms.Now, keep in mind that all who were expected to participate were experienced with acid, but none of us had ever eaten any shrooms, so we were all a bit wary. On the morning of the trip, we all got together at a friends house to dye one member of our party's hair. Eager to get the party started , I borrowed the other girl's car and went to pick up Tripsta.(name has been changed to protect the trip junkie) After getting lost and being paged endlessly by the chick whose car I was driving, we all finally managed to get together. Soon after that, we were parked in the lot of an apartment building, eating the shrooms. Before the trip came, we stopped to get bud for the guy who wasn't tripping,and for orange juice and coke at the grocery. We knew the day was off to a great start when our bill came to exactly $4.20. After all this driving around, we came to the place we were to trip at, another pal's house. As we waited outside his door to go in, I felt a queasy feeling and announced that I needed some rolaids or a cracker. It was then that I felt the trip hit me.My mind started racing, and as I looked at my companions, I could tell they were tripping too. We went down into this guys bedroom, and his Clockwork Orange poster started fucking with me. I asked again for a cracker, and upon returning with a box of Ritz, the guy asked if we had any more shit. I, of course, being in the wonderful mood I was in, threw the remaining bag of shrooms at him and told him to join the trip. For a while we sat in his bedroom, watching some psychedelic thing he had on his TV, and looking about at all the lovely visuals we were having. After a while, the larger than life Sandra Bullock poster this guy had on his wall started to intimidate me, and I said so. He, obviously already affected by the trip, said" you don't like Sandra? OK, well we'll get rid of Sandra" and proceeded to rip her off the wall. Quite some time into the trip we decided it would be nice to play outside, and we all did. As one guy smoked a joint, Tripsta and I took turns riding a pink bicycle around the complex. I, however, did not get very far before deciding it was not a good idea, and returned to the porch where the rest of the crew was. It was then when we decided a drive would be fun. We all packed into the stoned guys car (we consisting of The stoned guy, the guy whose house we had been in, Tripsta, the girl, and myself) and drove to where the girls car was parked to let her go. She had other business to attend to and, although I thought it unwise to let her drive, she left. This left the three guys and myself in the car. The stoned guy just drove,Tripsta made lots of funny noises, I stared at Tripsta and anything else that interested me, and the other guy read aloud from "the Principia" while we all listened to ICP really, really loud. The most entertaining part of the trip was when we arrived at another guy's house, where no one was tripping, and had these people fucking with our heads (this was probably around the peak). I was sitting there, smoking a Newport, when all of the sudden Tripsta says "care for a cigarette?" and thrusts his hand at me, after the initial shock of that, I realized that there in his outstretched palm was a burning camel. I screamed and tried to get him to remove it, and he fell into a fit of laughter over my paranoid concern. Later that night, after the stoned guy had gone, and so had our trip(almost),we smoked some weed that was (unbeknownst to us) laced with cocaine. The combination of the three drugs produced a high that none of us had ever felt before, so crazy and intense that we decided to name it. The first suggestion was after that of our plaything from earlier, the pink bicycle. So that it was. This trip was so beautiful and amazing, and that is why I have decided to share it with was one of my favorites, and I hope you enjoyed the story.