Story 63

My name is Kristin, i'm 19 and i go to school in santa fe new mexico. i first began experimenting with lsd this past semester at college. i had been smoking weed since i was 13, but i was reluctant to try anything for lack of experience and knowledge on any "real" drugs. needless to say, i fell in love with acid. i had a constant, free source of acid and tripped at least twice a week for 2 months. i stopped after this experience i had. at the time i considered it to be a "bad" trip, but now i look bad on it and laugh. my friend colin, who had been my trip-pal thoughout the semester and i decided one afternoon to go to the jemez hot springs near santa fe and trip. we had no acid, my girl we had been getting it from had only an empty vial. he heard somewhere about being able to trip from washing out a vial, so we decided to try it. no one explained that doing that alone can be grounds for a bad trip, and usually makes for a very painful trip. i had no idea how much acid i injested that day, i'm guessing around 5 or 6 hits, because colin tripped his ass off, and he usually takes around 6. i was really starting to trip by the time we got to the hot springs and by the time he hiked to top of the mountain where the springs were i was tripping so hard i didn't recognize where we were anymore. i litterally crawled up to this rock to sit on, colin did the same. i could see anything clearly and my stomach felt as though i had been stabbed. usually i take dramamine when i trip, it really cuts back on an queasiness that i would normally experience (try this sometime if you haven't, when i do it i can eat and it doesn't fuck with my stomach when i'm coming down) but this time i didn't. i started to feel nausated and dizzy and i leaned over a log or a very long time. i don't really remember, but i might have dry heaved, and i've never gotten sick on acid before so that was unusual. i got up and began walking around looking for colin, i finally saw him on top of a high rock and climbed up to sit with him. i wasn't able to speak much, i felt really weak and somewhat paralized. i managed to explain to him that i felt extrememly strange and wasn't having a very fun trip so far. i felt very afraid, and uneasy, and he tried to comfort me but i sensed that he was uneasy too. we sat in silence for what felt like a very long time, and after a while colin and i crawled down the hill and got in the water, which naturally springs from the ground at a cozy 104 degrees. we were sitting in a small pool, it was shallow, the water came up to my chest. when i got in the water i was overwhelmed with pain, my back legs stomach chest and arms ached. i looked down into the water and saw the ripples in the water moving out from my body, which in turn was making my skin appear as if it was flowing away from my body, and i concluded that i must be dissolving in the hot water, which at the time explained the pain. so i slid down in the water and rested my head on a rock and laid down to die. i seriously thought that was the end of my life and i just accepted it (which in a weird way makes me feel more comfortable about the thought of dying for real) at this point i passed out, which sometimes happens to me when i eat a lot of acid. i remember after that still being "asleep" or whatever i was but watching as my body floated over the world. i assumed i was flying toward the tunnel of light or whatever it is you see when you die. i remember nothing after that. i was out for around 30 mintues, and when i awoke, i looked over at colin and told him i was dead. he started laughing at me and i tried explaining to him what had happened but i could get the words out right. i was very scared, which has never happened to me before, and i think he sensed it because he asked me if i wanted to go and i said i did. we got up out of the water and discovered for the first time that we were sharing the area with about 45 fat naked hipppies. no i've nothing against fat people naked people or hippies, or any combination of the three, but just being around people who aren't tripping when i am makes me feel weird, as if i'm looking from my acid world into the regular world. i'm sure colin and i stood staring at this woman who must have weighed 400 lbs for 15 mintues. her fat rolls were rippling up and down. i felt extremely uncomfortable at that point, and i was still frightened and very confused. we hiked down the mountain and got back in the car our friend roberto, who was sober drove us back home. during the drive i chilled out and relaxed, and from there on out i had a typical trip. later a friend told me that washing out vials a sort of a risky thing to do, and what colin and i experienced was not uncommon.