Story 65

I've always wanted to try acid. My Mom was a big time hippie back in the 60s known as the "Mescaline Queen" in her high school years and ever since I heard her acid stories, I had this mission to do acid. One of my good friends Diana is THE Acid Queen so one day, I asked her to hook me up with 4 yellow tabs. It was on short notice, but, being the Goddess she was, she hooked me up. That weekend, myself, my best friend Dennise, and my good friends Kate and Robbie chilled at my house and decided to trip together for our first times. So we all went to chill at the community pool, smoked a few joints and Kate and Robbie dropped a little while after that. Dennise and I wanted to wait a little while after Kate and Robbie dropped just to see how they acted. They dropped at around 9:30 and about an hour later, they started getting reallll silly. Dennise and I knew it was time to drop. So we all *attempted* to go back to my house, which took awhile because it was Christmas time so Kate and Robbie were incredibly intrigued w/the Christmas lights. So we finally got back, got up to my room, turned the black lights on, put in Sublime, and dropped at 10:30. I was so psyched..I had no worries and my heart was beating so fast the whole time just waiting for it to kick in. So we sat around for awhile and then...I saw my first trail. I was so mesmorized by it. I sat for hours (or what seemed like hours, which, in actuality was only about maybe 5 minutes) staring at my trails. They were so badass- like a piece of art I was creating. Then, I started contemplating the universe and religion and I remember thinking that if God, from a Christian point of view, created LSD and put it on this earth, he meant for it to be used by everyone. Me and Kate also got the idea to write in a tripping journal all we carried that around everywhere we went and drew pictures of what we saw and wrote what we saw. I remember that the black lite hanging from my ceiling fan was a really beautiful purple flower that we affectionately called God. Yes, I prayed to the blacklite many times that night, thanking *God* for creating LSD :) I also remember thinking that nothing outside of my bedroom existed, that my room was a planet in the middle of space and nobody could hear us or hurt us. I also remember thinking that nobody sober or fucked up could hear me talk or understand me. It was the greatest feeling Ive ever had in my life. I wrote a lot of poems and songs that night :) Finally a lot of things made sense to me and everything was a lot clearer. Even though I didnt stop tripping until 8 o'clock the next night and it left me way strung out and nervous and tense, so tense I wanted to murder somebody, I wouldn't have changed it for the world. I found my drug of choice :)