Story 66

Ok here is my major trip that just happened yesterday, 1\9\00 My and my friend Bekah had 2 hits of acid (one for me one for her). And we had a 20 bag of really good weed. So we took the acid around 2. And we were walking around town for about 45 minutes, when we decided to go to the penninsula and smoke. So bye the time we got there my trip was just begining to kick in, very lightly but I could feel it. So we spark up one bowl, less than 5 mintues later we spark another bowl, about 5 mintues later we spark another bowl. Then my trip just went up w\ no controll. Bekah looked at me and said how dialated my eyes were, and I said the same about hers. I then we spraked up a cigarett, I didn't even smoke it, I had no desire to, I just wanted to look at it. Then I noticed a tree, w\ an orage on it, I looked away, and there were even more oranges, every time I looked away more would apear on the tree. Then the water had all these swirly things in it, and it loked like it was raining (it wasn't). Then we smoked another bowl, and I began to feel so at peace w\ everything, I began to get upset knowing in several hours I would be str8 again. But I was so at peace w\ EVERYTHING getting upset seemed like to much. I layed down on a big rock looking up into the sky and the clouds. Not even 5 seconds had passed before the clouds were spelling out words to me. And when I look to where there was layers clouds they were transforming into things I was very familiar with. Then we sparked our last bowl. I swear we were taking the biggest hits, and just holding them in. By the 5th bowl I could even hold the pipe n-e more so we decided to stop smoking. Then I went back to laying on the rock, when I looked at the sky that was only blue w\ no clouds, the entire sky became one HUGE visual. Anything I thought of apeared in hte sky. I was seeing cat's dog's, people I knew, then I was thinking about school, and everything I was taught made sence. Then it was getting dimmer out. And I felt like I was in a painting, I felt like I was supposed to be there, And I kept saying to Bekah lets never leave, I wanna be this fucked up for the rest of my life. Then I was saying how I belonged in the clouds, and fucking Bekah got all spritual and was saying it is your spirit David, set it free. So I took her advice and I was up there (well in my mind I was) Then we decided to go to store 24. We took the tracks, but I was terrified about leaving the woods, nothing looked familiar, and we finaly got to the tracks. It took so long to walk them, we finaly got to the store, I payed for my shit, and the guy began to ring her shit up, then he says "4.20 please" and I lost it, I could not stop laughing. It was so great. Then we finished our trip at nates house, I didn't realize I was still trippen balls when I got home. but I was. I hope to see this on the page, thankx....David