Story 67

Hey there, I really like your page it is damn tight. Nice to know there are other people out there that do the same things you do and see and hear some of the same things you do when you are trippin kinda adds some security or some shit. Anyways, on with my story. Ok, I had always been completely against acid. Im not someone you would ever suspect to do acid I am really preppy and am the president of my senior class and captain of the varsity soccer team, stuff like that. So anyways my first few years of high school I had heard about acid and it seemed that the people I would end up talking to always had bad trips so it scared me. Well then one of my friends moved back down and I started chillin with her alot. Now she is a HUGE acid freak she like craves the shit. Now by this time I had been around tons and tons of people that had been trippn before. Well then my boyfriend started to get into acid and I had been around him a few times when he was but I still just wasnt into it. The drug of choice down here is definately X, and I love it. I was now hangin out with a whole different crown of people. I was used to hangin out with people who were like me and whose drug of choice was X, but my boyfriend and all his friends and my friend amanda's was acid. Well I remained completely against it for a long time. Anytime amanda did it I got upset and stuff , but then something just snapped inside me, I woke up and HAD to do it. They had tried to talk me into it a million times by telling me that it was better than the trippin I saw when I was coming down from X, but they were still always unsuccessful in trying to talk me into it. Well anyways I call amanda up and she is like "sup dude, wanna go smoke a blunt"? I said hell yeah but I gotta tell you something first. She was liek alright I said I want to trip she freaked out and got all excited and was like " give me 15 min" I was like alright so she calls me back and says alright I can get it. Everything was working out perfect my mom was out of town for the weekend, and I have the perfect trippin house. The whole house is filled with black lights and multi-colored lights and stuff like that and I have a sound system through the whole house so it is pretty damn tight. So anyways there was 10 of us that were going to trip. We dropped at about 11 pm and then went out on the pool deck and smoked 2 phat ass blunts, then went inseide to watch cheech and chongs up in smoke. It is about 45 min into it and I felt absolutely nothing at all. Everyone else was starting to laugh and get all excited over dumb things and I was just sitting there. Well everyone gets back into watching the movie and I look over the side of my couch and my cat is sitting there staring at me all of a sudden it barked at me like a dog! I flipped out. I was like what the hell was that, and everyone in the room is just staring at me like I was crazy, when I told them they all started laughing at me. They all knew I was trippin my ass off except me I was still convinced that I was straight. So then they started to fuck with me, they kept telling me that the cat was talking to me and would I please answer it so it would shut up, at this point I am flippin out. Then someone turned on the strobe light and the black lights this flipped me out! Then my stomach felt relly weird so I decided to go to the kitchen and get something to drink, amanda poured me some orange juice and she stood there for what seemed like forever just holding my glass then I watched her skin flake off into my drink which must of put a really weird look on my face cause she just stood there laughing at me then she handed me my drink and I looked in it and saw what I thought was floating pieces of amandas skin ( i was drinking orange juice with pulp in it so that is what the clumps were) in my drink, i flipped out and ran upstairs to my room, BIG mistake I was all alone in my dark empty room when I started to hear noises from my closet I got so scared I couldnt move then all of a sudeen a blast of techno music was in my ear, someone had turned on the sound system. At this point though I had forgotton that I had a sound system in my house and i looked at my radio and saw it wasnt on , so i started flippin out. So I reached over to my black light in my room really fast to turn it on , that is when I discovered trails. They were so damn tight, I sat on my bed for like 10 min just mesmurized by the fact that I could make my hand look like it was in 5 different places at once . Then I remembered that I had a box full of glow sticks from when I roll, so I dug those out and opened one of each color and was amazed at the way I could move the colors and still see them in the place where I started. Then the phone rang and I couldnt figure out where the hell the sound was coming from then it hit me what it was and I found the phone and answered it, one of my friends called my from downstairs trying to scare me, they pretended like they were the dude from scream and asked me what my favorite scary movie was then my cat jumped out of my closet and barked at me again, this sent me flying outside my bedroom door, I forgot about the stairs and I tripped down the first 6 or 7 stairs, dropping the glow sticks which fell down the stairs, I stopped dead in my tracks and sat down on the stairs to watch the glow sticks fall down the stairs cause it was so cool. Then my friend saw me doing it and everyone came over to watch the glow sticks fall down the stairs. Then my favorite techno song came on and I grabbed 4 of the glow sticks and started doing dancing with them, it was so cool the way that I had everyones attention in the room just by dancing with some glow sticks. Then we went and smoked again and I swear that my pool was turning different colors. The rest of the night went alot like that, techno music, glow sticks, and blunts. That is all you EVER need when you are trippin. I still love X but let me tell you trippin is so awesome you feel like you own the world it is so great. Anyone who is scared to trip trust me I was to once but it is soooooo great, and you will love it! It is like that pringles commercial "Once you pop you cant stop"