Story 68

I read some of your stories of how intense peoples trips were. They are nothing. They should try doing 4 tabs of acid, an 1/8 of shrooms, pure MDMA(e), and smoking opium for a total out of body experience. The shrooms made me throw up, but after that, I couldn't even tell you all the things that happened, but I will name a few. I was at the Phish concert up in Oswego, NY. I saw those little Dr. Seuss characters running all over the place, jumping from tent to tent. Then I was lying on a hammock and I was staring at the trees as they melted away and the members from phish took there place as cartoon characters, and they were slowly melting too. It was insane. I recommend everyone to try acid, as long as you don't have a chemical imbalance in your brain already. Because if you do, you will flip, so don't even try it. Acid takes you to another plain of reality. It is just using parts of the brain that you normally don't use. Candyflipping is the best though. Doing acid and E, you get the total body experience with the E then the acid gives you some mind blowing visuals. Write back to me so we can talk more about this. Shaka