Story 69

i'm sixteen years old, and i live in va. about a year ago, i met an acid freak. he sold it by sheets at a time, and i was curious about it. after a while, i started dating him, and i had constant access to acid. my first trip wasn' much, i only took one hit of blotter acid, but after that, i got into gel-tabs, and that was it for me. we tripped every other day when we could. i did paper, liquid. gels, shrooms, and mesculine...i'm just hopin' to try peyote now. jim morrison is my god, but anyway, i wanna tell you about the best trip i've ever had: my boyfriend, my sister, and my best friend and i were headed to spend the weekend at king's dominion, an amusement park, and right after we left my house, a friend called us on my cell phone to tell us of a party, we decided to go before we left for our road trip, and we had four hundred dollars, so we decided acid. i hadn't been trippin that long at this point, so it was the first time i'd ever eaten more than three hits. i decided to try my luck, and i bout myself four teal blue gels. i dropped them, and i started felling those little shivers that go up your spine right before you start seeing visuals, and i was ready to blaze. we got to the party, and i swear to god, as soon as i got out of the car, the sky changed from black to purple to blue, and the stars started zipping around the sky. it was awesome. the party was at a guys house that we knew real well, and it was in the middle of the summer. he was holding it not in the house, but behind his house near his pond. when we got there there were about 75 people there, and the party was kickin. i remember being so happy to be outside, because the trees were just waving, and changing colors, the person in front of was swaying too, and my cigarette was trailing. but the real trip didn't set in untill i had smoked my first joint after dropping the acid. after that everything was so alive, so beautiful. i laughed at everything, and i loved everyone. i walked onto the deck, and the deck just melted away, there was fog on the lake, and i have never seen anything so awesome in my whole life. i would stare at a tree, untill someone caught my attgention, i couldn't stop staring at things. peoples faces were crawling, colors were brilliant and everthing in my world was perfect. on my way back to the house, i got lost. the house, which was right in front of me, i couldn't see at all, it seemed as if trees had grown all around it, and i called out to my boyfriend to show me the way. behind me, my sister and my best guy friend(who had also tripped that night) were down on the grass, holding hands, giggling about people in the woods. we all had a hell of a time that night, i tripped for about twelve hours or more, and when i woke up in our hotel room the next morning i had a new perspective on life. i find acid is an intellectual drug. i have so many new ideas. i feel like i could solve the problems of the whole world. i've tried alot of drugs, but acid is my favorite, and i think if everyone tripped we'd all be a lot happier!