Story 71

We (Tony and Aleshka) were in Charleston on the beach. It all started when we ate some mushrooms After the sun went down. we where looking for the beach, when we kept runing into a fence. I looked up and made a commit "that's all need to do in life "look up" and the way will will be shown unto you" and there was a platform that led out to the beach. When we got to the platform we stood there star gazing and noticed a eagle formation in the clouds. Soon as we took the three steps down unto the beach, I tony felt and saw aperson behind me off unto the distance. I soon realized that it was just a trashcan. Well we got unto the beach and ... Well we were talking and I asked if she had ever walked in my moccasons. She tried them on and at that moment we switched rolls. I was very dependant on the fact of her being around and that she was good and my source to light, she has always been my sunshine. Soon later we walked down the beach and I flipped and about tripped over this 7' sand crab, that someone had made and left. Well we sat down to... talk and Ikept felling something touch me that wasn't her. So Imoved to her other side. Well she wanted to go skinny dipping in the oceanin. i told her that I did not want the sensation of water around me. She had to go if you know what I mean. So she took off her clothes and took off. Right after she left I was so vulnerable, so I took off my clothes and followed her until... I got to the water. A wave broke not even up to my ankle and it stopped me cold in my tracks. I cried out "Sunshine where are you?... and out of the darkness she came running back. Right then I told her that we needed to get away and go to where there was some light. I started to put on my clothes and she stopped me, SAND in areas you don't want. Well we headed out of there as fast as we could. Until I had to stop and put my clothes on . I was getting to into battle of my soul and I wasn't about to be caught with my pants down. We left and went to a place called "Infinity waters" named by Sunshine and her best friend. Well at that point we figured out that the water was safe. And that I was back to myself, then she just broke down into tears and my arms. That's when we realized that we had switched rolls when I asked her to walk in my shoes. and we looked back into the trip and realized that we were suppose to die and we didn't because i did not want to get into the water. See I was a coligate swimmer and was basically born in water. Well Charleston has alot of riptides witch brings undertows. She said that she didnt even go out up to her knees and she felt tows so strong that she turnned back. She knew that I would drown if I couldn't save her. So we talked about how would our friends and family find out that we died and what would our obituary say. ... Well we left stopped by a graveyard paid respect.. and winded up in a gas station. and to make a long story short. (too late.)... well she pick up a card and there was our obituary.. A whole mushroom filled night of love and death right there on a card. From the eagle in the sky to the walking in the sand, and two lovers running into the ocean, not seeing this huge wave that devoured them both and their souls, went to the dolphins, waves then the clouds. nothing left behind but there clothes and track in the sand.