Story 73

Heres a lille story about one of my trips. It wasn't a particularly strong one compared to some other trips it's just that it was a very busy one with plenty happening. ( by the way I'm British so my language may be a little different) It started with me and my mate Phil in my car. We both ate five mind expansion kits (drops of acid on sugar cubes) and waited for them to arrive. We parked in a in a park stopped and in a couple of minuted these two dogs start fucking right infront of our car. One of them was looking at me in a pretty wierd way and for some reason I wanted to start the car and mow them down but I resisted the urge ( which was wierd because I love animals!). At the time I had an open bottle of water between my legs. Next thing I know I start laughing my balls off so hard I cant breathe and start gagging for breath watching these two stupid alsations knobbing each other silly. What made it worse that I was playing some Deicide on my stereo which made it all the more strange. When we eventually stopped laughing I noticed that between my legs was soaking so I thought that I had pissed myself laughing. The water had fell between my legs but the bottle was gone. I started sniffing my crotch, convinced I had pissed myself. I got out of the car shouting 'Fuck I've pissed myself - fuck!' Next thing I know I start stripping off trousers pants, with the intention of taking them down to the river to wash them. Phil trys to tell me its just water but I don't believe him. I pass my old school mistress in the part knob out and everything. She asks me if i'm OK and why I'm undressed I reply that it's OK miss I've just pissed myself. N.B it was a warm day so I wasn't cold at all. Phil can't believe it but seemed to be completely in a world of his own. He said that he didn't think that any of this was making sense and thought that it was all on telly or something. Anyway, i got down to the river which was actually only a little streem but it seemed like niagra falls. I stood in and fell on my arse ( or ass ) and strangely the water seemed warm but I'm sure it would have been freezing. Phil was tring to chase some ducks around clainimg that they were watching him and didn't want them to report back to the police. I got up and really stank. I was fucking soaked and shivvering. I trousers and pants back on. Phil got this idea that if we went and got some bread we could put some acid on it and feed it to the ducks ( we had a fair sized bottle with us ). Phil went in the shop came out with a loaf, shortly followed by the sop keeper. Phil had forgot to pay for it and wandered out of the shop saying Thanks mate!' We gave him some monet and made some excuses about the ducks telling us to get it for them. We got to the park and sat down. As soon as the ducks say the bread they all came charging towards us like fucking mad things. Phil was shouting line up! line up! you fucks! I got the acid out of my pocket and put a few drops on a slice of bread which I threw to them. Phil did the same but tore the bread up after he put the acid on which wasn't a good idea because it got on his fingers. This freaked him out and he got the idea that if he ate loads of bread it would take away some of the strength of the acid. I have never seen anyone eat so much bread in my whole life. To make him feel better I did two more drops - a very bad idea and we ran back to the car for safety before they kicked in. When I got back to the car I notices the doors were open - we had forgot to shut them but luckily everything was OK. We sat and had quite a mind blowing conversation using handf signals and stupid noises. Speach was practically impossible at this point. I was not at all unpleasant but the fact that I was soaking made me feel very uncomfortable. I decided - much against Phil's will to strip down to my pants and wait for my clothes to dry. Next thing i know my Auntie taps on the glass window with a face like a slapped arse. She was walking the dog in the park and say my car. All she say was me but naked in the car with Phil. Rather embarassing.(reminds me of the time when she caught me getting a blow job of the missus once.) I rolled the window down and told her that it wasn't like it seemed and that I had simple pissed myself laughing and then sat in the river to wash myself. She started to give me shit so forsome reason I just told her to fuck off. She started to cry so I got out of the car and tried to hug her but she hobbled off sobbing. This did not make me feel good one bit. Even my dog gave me funny looks at this point. Phil was hiding in the bushes at this point. She was purple which was odd. Anyway to cut a long story short it was generally very good but from then on I avoided public places and peopel I know because you will always get yourself into trouble.