Story 74

We had arrived at Kate's Fish Camp in Gainsville, Florida for a weekend of music and fun. There was a great group of bands, uncommercial bands, but great: Refried Confusion, 420, Five Day Forcast, and many others. I was only going to camp out for one night so I had to make it count. Me and my boyfriend pitched our tent in the area of a couple of friends, we smoked a few bowls and fixed some rum and coke. As it became darker outside the fires and the stage lights were the only brightness within miles. We both took two drops of liquid acid and prepare for a night of enlightenment. The night seems as if it was a fast moving race, but I remember many specific feelings. We walked around for a while just waiting for the L to set in, and for a while there I thought I wasnt even going to trip. Yet, I ended up having the best trip of my life. We fixed some more drinks and smoked some more bowls and the music would fade in and out of my ears along with the incredible thoughts in my head. I sat by the fire while a couple of guys were playing drums around it. I was completely entranced by the fire. A fire moves so mysteriously and i felt as if I understood the fire and its life, the sadness that eventually it will be extinguished. My body was in perfect rythm with the drums and I laid down on a blanket and stared up into the sky. I couldn't really see the sky though because of the massive tree limbs. I was having some great visuals and somehow I was able to control the visuals. I could make the clouds move along with the visions I saw, I was able to destort what I was seeing in anyway I desired. The leaves on the tree were black from the shadows of the moon, and the sky was a bright blue. Yet I stared up and the reality changed. The leaves and the treebranches became the sky so I saw a completely black sky. The actuall sky became the leaves and to me they were a beautiful neon type of green. I kept switching back from my vision and the reality. It was really amazing and beautiful. I tried to explain what I was seeing, but no one could quite understand. We walked around and listened to the bands a little more. Then we ran into an African man from one of the bands and I feel horrible for not remembering either the name of his band or his name-but I don't. Anyhow he was really interesting and me, my boyfriend and his brother sat down and just talked to him about many different things. I dont remember hardly anything he said, but I do remember being completely captivated. Anyhow, we dosed him really hard, about 4drops of the liquid, and I took my 3rd. We smoked another bowl, and just chilled until the man needed to go. Later while Refried Confusion was on stage and I was tripping really hard we saw the African man up there playing drums. Also, I found out that the saxaphone player and one of the guitarist we tripping off of the same L as us. I felt so connected to the music. There were no boundaries between me and the musicians. I was dancing really hard in that hippe type of way, although Im not truely a hippe. I probably just danced to the music for two hours straight. The music came into my soul and encircled my whole body-and when the saxphone player went off-oh my gosh, it was the peak of my night. He must of held a single note for like 5minutes it seemed. It was just amazing. It wasn't just Refried Confusion on stage either, a lot of members from the different bands were on stage and they were just having one incredible jam session. Each instrument was in perfect rythm and harmony, I dont even know if they were singing or what because I was that entranced by the insturmental music. I think I would have danced there all night if I could have, but I think they stopped playing just a little after 4:20am. I went back to the camping area, one of my friends fixed me a grilled cheese, I smoke a cigarette or two. And then me and my boyfriend went back to the tent to "sleep." No seriously though, I did try and sleep but I couldn't. When I shut my eyes I saw so many bright colors and lights flashing, that it was actually darker with my eyes open. I know that is hard to explain. But by closing my eyes I was not going to help fall asleep, my mind was too busy expanding and testing its own boundaries. Bright flashes of red and orange, spirals and fountain like colors-it was almost too much to deal with as i was trying to sleep. My boyfriend caught onto the fact that I wasnt does tripping and to get rid of some of the massive amount of energy my mind and body was feeling, he made love to me. I was incredible as well, very passionate and sensual. However, I do recall a lot of rapid, fast movements do to the amount of energy I was feeling. I think I had two orgasims and I was finally feeling a bit more relaxed. He tickled/strached my back afterwards to help me fall asleep. I was able to focus in on the movement of his hand, rather than the visions in my eyes, and eventually my body and mind found peace together and I fell asleep.