Story 75

"Trippin Out" Ok, this was Jan. 7th 00 and me and my best friend were planning to trip for the 1st time, w/ our boyfriends! So after the schools basketball game we all went to stay at my sisters apartment, (cuz she was out of town) My friend Laci's boyfriend (michael) had 6 hits! Me and Laci only took one a peice becuz it was our 1st time tripping! Michael and Adam took 2 each! It was very good shit! Alright here it goes, we were all sitting around chillin it was about 11:00pm, and we poped our sugar cubs in! Not to long after that, me and laci's hearts were speeding!!! I didnt know i was truely tripping until i find myself speeding as fast as i could toward a wall! I could have sworn it was never ending until i slammed stright into it, busting my chin! Next i find Laci ammusing herself by waving a cigerett in front of her face! All i could do was laugh historically! Michael and Adam intrupt our little "trip" by saying "hey lets smoke a bowl" they had this kick ass bong it was where 4 ppl could suck at one time! =) I guess you could say it calmed us down a little! We thought it would be awsome to sit around and chill to pinkfloyd!That was when we started seeing fucked up shit! and I ended up in other rooms not knowing how I got there...i remember feeling like i melted like ice cream on a hot day and just floated around the apartment! Meanwhile Laci was stright wigging herself out...I guess she had it in her head she got shocked by the tv..she claimed the hair on her head was sticking stright up...meanwhile i was being escorted back into that room by adam...we walk in and "WOOOO" off the dresser flies laci! Michael barley caught her! Now we were all sittin down just enjoying our trip chillin to floyd again when we turn all the lights out w/ 1 candle was the weirdest yet most creepy feeling i have ever had! I felt like i was in hell! I stright started seeing shit on the walls, and felt like everywhere i looked there was a shadow behind thing i knew i was running around the room screaming! But we turned the lights on and everything ended up being fine, but it was great! I love it! I cant wait till i trip again