Story 76

one friday a bunch of my friends came home with me and our boyfriends were gonna come pick us up. when they got there we went to downtown /memphis to The Martain Luther King park and smoked 3 blunts and drank a few drinks. when we got back to my friend's dad's house we got her sister to get us 3 hits each. we dropped them at about 11:30 that night and it kicked in about a half an hour later. since i already really fucked up. i was really fucked up now!! i remember i was sitting in my friend's kitchen and i was staring at the sriped wall paper and it was coming out at me trying to grab me then my friend stood me up and we started spinning around.About 5 minutes later i got really sick. i was laying on the bathroom floor staring at the ceiling and i passed out and when i woke up i didn't know where i was.also her house is haunted with ghost so when i got up to go see where everyone else was i saw the ghost which scared the shit out me.then i finally found everyone else and started having a good time!!!