Story 77

My first trip, My friend matt came over and me and my other friend adam were all over my house just chillin. Matt told us tha he had trips but i had basicly no idea what they were at that time, i mean I smoked alot of pot and drank, but this is trips, and i was kinda buggin out the first 30 minutes to drop or not to drop, that is the question. My parents were home and they didn't really want me going out cause the weekend they kinda bumed on my case for drinking. But we still went out and I was like fuck it and i droped. By this time, matt and adam have allready droped about 30 minutes before. I am smoking some cigs to calm down my nerves cause i am buggin cause i am scared this shit is going to fuck me up real bad. but then about 1 hour later we are driving around and we go to the supermart, me and matt are running around the aisles and adam is in the magizine section. at this time it was just like a high from weed or something. its about 2 in the morning as i mind you now. we pick up some orange juice to increase the drops supposedly, and i drink a good amount in the car going home. i start smoking a cig and its almost done. then i basicly blank out and i look up and feel this burning sensation in my chest, i start screaming. i stick my head out the window and start screaming some more. adam and matt just think its a normal thing for me and start laughing like i am joking. but i was not, it felt like something was going through my heart, or ribs but it would be very dull cause it hurt real bad. i looked at the cig and i saw it was out. i didn't think anything of it, and through it out the window. we get home and they ask me what happened and why i was screaming. i told them i didn't know and i just felt this burning sensation right here and pointed and there was a hole in my top shirt, i took that shirt off and had my other one on. that one had a hole also thank god i had a white t under all that case if i didn't then it would have been straight on my skin and would have left a big scar there. we talked for about 2 hours after that outside on my deck. then adam got a page from his parents and he had to go home. so he went home and me and matt thought that he was going to die cause either he would kill himself by being alone or something.(nothing happened by the way though) then me and matt went inside and i went to the bath room, i looked at my mirror and stared at it for about 10 minutes watching myself melt, i called matt in and we both watched each other melt right in front of our faces. we did this for about 30-45 minutes. then we went and watched fantasia, that was amasing and i got through about 1 1/2 hours of it and then i was getting tired but i couldn't get to sleep i was buggin out, i wanted to get to sleep so bad but i couldn't get myself to bed. i was up the whole time but i kinda was asleep at the same time, i know we put on bob marley and some dead and just listened after fantasia, but i wanted to get to sleep but i couldn't get to sleep till 10:00 in the morning. We woke up at 11:-- cause matt had to go to work at 10 but he knew he would be late. i would just sugest for first time trippers to drop your trip real early and allways have something to do for your whole trip cause if you don't then you willl really start thinking about everything that goes on in the world and it will get kinda scary... i definatly think everyone should try it but just be careful what your buying and just know that it will be over soon if you start buggin.