Story 78

How are you my name is Sean I'm from Boston and i got two pretty good stories for you. I can't remember which one happened first so I'll just give them both to you. When i was in high school we used to trip alot, who didn't. One day about 15 or 20 of us decided to trip in school together. This was a typical thing we used to do it all the time. There was this kid who had been missing for like a week before that day and just as we were feeling this stuff kicking in they announced to the school that the police had found his body hanging from a tree in the woods. Now he was somebody we all knew but none of us intimately but he had alot of friends. So you know the whole day at school was people crying and hugging eachother it was real emotional. And we were all beaming our socks off. The second story was the same deal, I dropped in school except this time it was a little later in the day. After school i went home to get some money and my mother catches me and drags me off to a dentists office for an appointment i had to get a cavity filled. And once again it kicked in right in time for a needle the size of the prudential center and a drill even bigger, and loud as hell. So im sitting there feeling like my head is growing like a balloon just staring at the dentist and his assistant. I felt like i was on an episode of the wonder years. Here i was looking at these two with their masks on digging away thinking that they are on to me. Hey they are in the medical proffession they gotta know right. Well they didnt figure it out, but they did figure out that i didnt even have a cavity after they have drilled for what seemed several hours. Hey i hope you can use these, they are the gods honest truth, unfortunately