Story 79

Me and my friend got some Timothy Leary and ate that shit. We went over to my friend house and got out his good ole bong. I packed it up twice and we toked it up nice. We decided to leave because we had to be somewhere ( where i cant remember b.c we never made it there). We started driving down the road and it just fucking hit me. I couldnt feel my god dam foot ( so there fore i was totally fucked and couldnt drive anymore) some how i pulled off at the fucking movie theather. I turned off the car and looked at my friend and he was fucking pale white. He got out of the car and walked to the mcdonalds infront of the movies. I just sat in the car and looked at my foot wondering did it still work. My friend came back and he was like man i just started trippen out in mcds. He started to get on my nerves b.c he was just fucking wierd ( i had never hung out with him ) Well i decided to make the best of it. So we sat there and i watched this old lady with no mouth some how ea! t french fries. I walked into mcds to take a piss and get a drink. When i walked in the bathroom it was the sickest piece of shit i had ever been in. But i dont know how it is with you and bathrooms, but with me when i go in there trippin balls i get lost in there. I was looking at the wallpaper getting lost in how shitty it was. I went around just looking at all the piss and shit on the floor and walls. I looked at the nasty ass shit on the ceiling. i looked in the mirror and just fucking looked at my self and saw my face hair growing. So then i decided to leave. We went into the movies and payed for one and i went in this movie and it was freaking me out so we left. i couldnt sit still for 10 secs. finally we decided to go to his house i got in the car and went on the highway and all the cars were fucking bent to the side (sideways) i was like what the fuck. Still not able to feel my feet i took off my boots and drove home with my socks on. on the way home i almo! st got hit by a cement trunk ( that freaked me out ).i got home after dropping that fag off and my mom was talking to me and she sounded like Roseanne Barrr, i just looked at her and calmly walked to my room to freak the fuck out. My dog had chewed up a pen and got ink all in the damn carpet so i started to clean it up and just got lost in smearing it all over in designs. i started feeling my foot again, andwent out and it was a good fucking trip.