Story 80

Well I drove with my friend (who was female) to get some acid. We stopped at Dunkin Donuts where I had to pick it up. I met with the guy and I got 3 blotters fot $15. I was pretty sure someone saw me take the acid. Anyways I jumped in the car and immediatly took one. They were Salvador Dali's. He told me he got them from North Carolina. My friend and I drove to Denny's where we sat waiting for the acid to hit. Everything thing just seemed really funny there. I was laughing at the names for the food on the menu. Like "moons over my Hammy". My friend and I decide to go to her house and hang out in her room. I laid in her bed and started to see weird patterns. I turned to her wall and looked at her Giant Brandon Lee poster. He was dressed as the crow and he was sitting in the old ducty chair. I was flipping out becuase it looked like her was coming after me. My friend finally turned the poster around so I could relax. While laying in her bed I began to hear Rush's "Tom Sawyer" I mainly remembered the lazer sounding part. Every time the lazer sounded I would rip out my eyebrows. It was real fucked up. After my friend got me to stop plucking my eyebrows I stared at her wall and saw these flying swastikas. They were black and they just flew by in these huge groups. At this point I lost my shit. My friend turned out the light (that was genius) and I saw this dracula figure lifting his cape then RED swastikas flew by. I started screaming for her to turn on the light which she did do. Somehow I ended up on the end of the bed crying. While I was crying I kept staring at her talking Po telytubby. I was convinced I was having having a bad trip. Her mother came up and was talking to me about how she got into some fistfight blah blah blah...I couldn't understand anything. The my friend told me she got hit in the head with a piece of wood which REALLy confused me. I wanted to get my mind off of Nazi Draculas so my female friend gave me a BJ. It was really awesome. It felt like my penis was a giant barney in a wind tunnel getting buckets of water thrown on him. I eventually went to sleep and sold the other 2 blotters to my other friend..they didn't have any affect on him which was really weird.