Story 81

Hey I was just surfen through and I got a big kick out of some of the stories on here so I thought I'd share mine. I've trippen an awful lot so there are a ton of weird and unforgettable memories but there's one that makes me laugh everytime I think about it has to be the time I tripped with my two cousins in Queens New York! The night started out pretty chill, we walked to the spot waited like 3hours with some other people that were gonna trip. Then when we got the 'cid and decided we wanted to take a walk... My oldest cousin and I were the first to feel the affects because we were the only two out of the bunch running up and down the block with our fingers sliding across the gates talking about "Dude, you have to do this..." while everyone else stood behind us tokin' on a blunt laughing at how funny we were. When we decided to break up the group and head back to my cousin's apt. we didn't realize what we were in fore. See my cousin's boyfriend/baby's father was still awake and decided he wanted to have a little fun with us. The three of us that were trippin' went outside on the stoop to talk and bug out without having to worry about waking the baby. While we were out side my cousins boyfriend storms out to us shouting something about someone stealing $20 from his pocket. Now I know I didn't do it, but as far as my other two cousins?? Even though I knew I didn't do it, his yelling messed with my trip and he had me believing someone in our little group took money from him. He went on forever, then finally I noticed look on my cousin's face and realized that no one took money from him, he was just jealous because we were trippin' and he wasn't