Story 82

I Was Sitting In the Rain My name is Joe and i live on staten island (thats in new york) i just wanted to represent my home and say wassup to all the druggies from the isle of shao lin!!! One night me and my boy had nuttin to do so we figured we would take acid cuz we hadnt taken it in a long time plus the other drugs were gettin a little old. Mushrooms were old and extacy were old and we were just in the mood for acid. We popped at about 5 in the afternoon cuz we knew we would be buggin hard for about 12 hours on the shit that we usually get. So we went out walkin around the neighborhood looking for people to hang out with cuz noone was home and there was nothing to do so everyone must be outside. We wandered the neighborhood trippin our ballz off for what seemed like hours. We must have gotten lost in our own neighborhood six or seven times it was histerical. The trees were giving us great visuals and we had a great time. Our quest for companionship during our trip seemed to take all night but it was only about 45 in or so which was great cuz that just made the trip last longer then i thought it would. Finally we found all our friends and noone knew we were tripping except my cousin who coincidentally was tripping too. She was buggin her face off too. At about 2 or 3 in the morning after hanging out all night doing nothing but looking at shit tryin to bug ourselves out everyone decided to call it a night. I didnt find any harm in bringing my cousin back to my house to call a cab so off we went. My journey home was soo confusing and i was in my own neighborhood. It was even worse then before because i was tripping soo hard i could barely speak clearly. (2 double dipped jerry garcia's would do that to a person). after about an hour and a half of walking what shouldve been a five minute walk we finally hit my house. Since i was soo fucked up i didnt want to talk to my father i whipped out the cell phone and called my lil cousin a cab. No big deal blah, blah, blah. Fifteen min later the cab came and my cousin left (this is where it gets really wierd). I went into my house and it was 2:45 my brother was watchin t.v. and it seemed like a normal night. For some wierd reason i was really hungry i mean starving. I had the worst munchies of my life and that never happens to me on acid. But whatever i didnt care i went straight for the doritos. I grabbed the bag and sat down next to my brother and watched a little tv nuttin big. I looked over at my bro and asked him how his night was and he asked me how mine was (but i didnt tell him about the acid i figured i would tell him the next day). Then i looked down at the chips ate 2 and looked back at him but he wasnt there. The t.v. wasnt even on. Now this scared the shit out of me (not even funny) i freaked out. I figured i would look for him to see if he was home maybe he just went to bed. Nope he wasnt even in the house. After i found this out i thought it was kinda comical i got a good chuckle out of it. But you know how it is you have to proceed with your nite otherwise you wont enjoy the tripp. I sat down in front of the t.v. now its about 3:30 and i couldnt believe how bad i was buggin still from the day. It was amazing... but i wanted to go to sleep so i went downstairs to my room and tried to get to bed. I was still havin wierd visuals and shit but it was all good i got to sleep eventually. The next day i woke up for work at about 11 i had to be there at 12. I take my shower and im still kinda trippin but nothing i cant handle. I went along with my day and got to work with no problems. The phone rang and i said "basilles" and all of a sudden i blinked my eyes and i was sitting outside in the poring rain on my front stairs at 4:30 in the morning the night before.