Story 83

This is New Years 2000 in Cartagena Colombia, my first acid trip. At the time I was trying to cut down on drugs, but the temptation of a free trip (Hoffman 2000) and the huge New Years party was too much. Me and a bunch of tripped out friends had lost all sense of direction and were walking aimlessly trying to find the rave party we had tickets to. Light hallucination: Everything looked as if it was a drawing. My attention was caught by a tree covered in lights which looked cool, I put on some blue lensed glasses to look at it in a different light. When I took off the glasses everything else went back to "normal" but the tree still looked blue. Rave Party at the Beach: There is an X-Shaped tower of lights in the middle of the beach where everybody is dancing. To me, the entire universe is the beach, empty save for the X-Tower which is the center of power. As I approach the center of the X I feel overwhelmed with the power and realize that those closer to the center are beings of power and the farther you got from the center you were more of a human being. Later:Too tripped out to rave. I lie head down on the sand and my hair looks like spiders. I constantly see white faced people in top hats looking at me from behind, but they disappear If I look directly at them. Behind the trance music I hear a thousand voices and some really weird calypso music or something. The Moon: No hallucination. It hangs yellow and huge just over the city. I feel just HAPPY seeing it. Dawn begins slowly. I try to watch the exact moment when the moon disappears. People stop dancing and start mellowing. HAPPY is everywhere. The water makes coloured reflections like oil or soap. The sun is up I run towards it and unintentionally let out a really long, loud scream. It was completely spontaneous and primal, the morning sun was the future and it promised great things and I just screamed from all the energy within me. Pretty good for a first trip on half a HOFFMAN Three spring breaks ago, me and ten friends went to Daytona beach. On the second day, me, two friends from Ball State and a girl from Earlham College dropped a large quantity of acid. It was three in the afternoon and it was hot and there were thousands of people everywhere. When it started to kick in we started making sand castles, we had to eventually stop because everybody became more interested in playing in the ocean. After awhile, the four of us were sitting together listening to music from another friends car when I noticed just how cool sand is. I was picking up a handful and letting it fall between my fingers. I eventuall started making small lumps, these lumps then turned into faces. I told a friend that I was going to make the face of the cop who arrested me, and sure enough the cop's ugly face appeared in the sand. I immediately put my fist through his face, thus relieving lots of old-built up anger. My friends started doing the same, and for an hour every person we didn't like got made into faces in the sand and then destroyed. Who needs to go to a shrink, my therapy involves acid and hitting faces in the sand.