Story 84

aight check this it is like mid september ..i live in philadelphia so it was alittle chilly an i am wearin tee shirt an cargo's jeans was a sunday i havent tripped in ahwile so i go to cop 5 hits from my cousin boy..well i bought tha five strip an he broke me down wit a deal so i was pretty happy..untill i got home my mom told me i had to go to church then i could go to my freinds house after church so i figured aight he will trip wit me that is cool so around 12:00 i drop cid while sitting next to my mom in chruch haha needless to say i am goin to hell haha...well church ends an i go to my boys house he says he has to go to tha mall to buy some tools for his new fuckin carpentar class but he had like a quater oz. of some bangin kronik so we agree that if he smokes all tha kronik wit me i will give him two hits an by this time i am all happy an ready to trip so i drop my third trip ...these were supposed to be tha best hits in philly at tha time so me an my freind smoke a joint an nothing hits me ...well man when we finally got to tha mall there was a flee market an i began to trip out yo ..everything in tha flee market was really shinny an everyone was talkin an gettin on my nerves mean while my freind is laughin his ass off tryin to look for his tools well we couldnt find them there so we went to sears ...we got to tha third floor but oh man i almost didnt make it when i started to go up tha elavator it started to eat my feet so i fuckin ran as quick as i could up them damn moving stairs...when i got there my boy was quickly tryin to find his tools while there was christmas displays that were really making me laugh ...then we go to tha tool section an i had no clue what i am lookin at an neither did he we had no clue it was very confusing he scrambled up tha aisles i stood still an looked at a monkey wrench melt to tha floor haha wasnt funny at tha time tho i convinced my boy to leave tha stoor wit me cause all tha people were lookin at i halued ass ..when we got out of tha stoor we started to try an figure out what tha fuck to do an what the fuck he had just bought it looked sorta like a lever but it wasnt ahha ...well we dicided to go behind a near by libary an smoke a couple joints to calm me down ...but i dont think it helped ..we were starin at a brick wall an wacthin all tha bricks move very quickly across an down ...then i decided fuck look at this wall i wanted to look at tha sky so we got up an sat against tha wall that point i was feelin weird an i started to see steam come up off my chest an then my freind suggested that we trade shoes cause that wwould make me fell better so we did but i didnt wanna wear shoes anymore so i just held his shoes while he wore my boots ...tha cold air was finally coolin me off ...finally we got up i had lost all managment of time ...we went to get a drink from a gas station i went in a herd all types of voices an his voice started to echo .. an there was this crazy bicth that asked me to help her cross tha street haha so i fuckin did ...awhile seemed like it went by an i was beggin to wonder when it wass wearin off because i had to go to school tha next day an had to be home for dinner at we fuckin walked every wheer in philly that day seemed like we walked in circles for tha longest time then my boy startedsayin shit to me like "yes dan i have been leadin you in circles your hole life " i was like what tha fuck are you talkin bout then he just laughed an would talk anyway we finally stared to come down an i went to his house wit him an waited on tha corner cause he didnt want me to bug him out in his house. ...finally being alone for a while i just left an walked home my family was up back playin wit a freezbe i just sat down said whats up an wacthed tha freezbe ...i stayed up that whole night laughing in my bathroom lookin at tha wall seemed like i hadnt laughed in so long an i just had to get it out ...i went to school tha next day feelin odd an told everyone about my sunday expeirnce