Story 85

This is my story, I hope you like it. My friend was having a big birthday party and there gonna be alot of people there. I went to it not planning on doin much. One of my other friends gave me a tab of acid and I dropped it right away. Then I went and smoked four bowls with 2 other friends. Minutes later I dropped 2 more tabs I got from some guy. The party was inside an old house and outside too. I sat inside where there was a drumset that everybody was playing. Once I felt the acid hit me, I started laughing at everything. There was this one room where it was like a mini rave. There were djs mixin it up and people dancin like idiots, it was so funny. The music was extremely loud and intense. When ever the music would slow down to go to a different beat, everything else slowed down. I walked outside and my friend Ray that was tripping too asked me where I was. I told him where and he got confused. Another guy Mark came up and started talkin about how cops might be showin up. I got bored and went back inside. I started peakin and I didn't know what was goin on. It didn't feel like I was real, it as like I was just two eyes seeing a bunch of stuff. I found the two guys that were talkin about the cops. They were still talkin about them. I went back inside and just stood in the rave room for about 30 minutes. Then all of a sudden, the music stopped and people started to take the speakers away. I didnt know if I should stop them or not. I was trying to find Ray too see what he was doing. Mark told me he left. I wanted to find for Ray. Me and Mark went looking for him and sure enough we found him. Later on Mark was punching the cymbals on the drum set. He punched them so hard he started bleed ing on the cymbals. There was also red writing on the cymbals so when Mark bled on the cymbals, it looked like the blood flowed in to words. I decided to leave and go home. I couldnt sleep when i got home, i just watched Conan O'Brien.