Story 87

Well I was at this awesome rave called "Oz." I was pretty familiar with rolls but I'd never really tripped acid. We were waiting out in the parking lot when the acid got there. My friend asked how much and I replied one hit.I wanted to play it safe since it was my first time. We walked in and my friend offered a roll. I went ahead and took it knowing if I did,I wouldn't have a bad trip. (Because honestly is there anyone who has had a bad expierience with ecstacy?) So about half an hour later I felt the roll but I was still waiting on the acid. An hour passed and I turn to my friend and told him I was fixing to start laughing at absolutly nothing.And so I did. The visuals were awesome. I never realized how cool the Wizard of Oz was. I went on through the rest of the night talking to my glowstick and my friends laughing at me. My glowstick actually said his name was "Beano the Magic Missle" and I believed him to. It was an expierience I'll never forget and always be greatful for having.