Story 88

Ok, this has to be my best trip ive ever had. It was the last day of school before winter break, i had to go to school to take 1 exam and then i got to come home around 10:30. Me and my friend made plans to go out later in the day. As i got home i dropped some of this acid i had never even heard of before all people told me is that you have crazy visuals and i kicks in quick and thats only on about 2 hits. So i took 4 hits of this so called " Dr. Robotnic" and i was hoping it wasn't bunk. I called my friend about 10 minutes after i dropped and told him to come on over. As soon as he showed up the acid was starting to take effect. So, we just decided to hang out at my house for an hour or so since my parents weren't to be home for about another 8 hours. About an hour and a half after i dropped My friend asked me if i was hungry and i couldn't understand a single word he was saying to me. It sounded to me like he was talking through a really long tube like a slide or something, his voice was just echoing gibberish. I couldnt understand him for about 30 minutes and by this time i was frying out hard. seeing crazy visuals, little kids faces in my carpet screaming my name for help, shadows coming out of nowhere like there was a ghost in the room or something. Since my friend was just a little stoned he thought i was a lunitic. Then the wierdest thing that happened throughout the whole trip. I walked into my t.v. room and my dog was in there i looked at him and he stared at me for a second and had this look of fear in his eyes like i was planning on killing him or something. I went to pet him and he flipped out, he ran away from me and hit a wall, all his legs buckled in, and to me it seemed like he had forgotten how to walk. I firstly accused my friend of hurting my dog and he was just in total shock of what he had just seen so i believed he didn't do anything to him. I went to see if my dog was ok and he had that look of fear in his eyes again, i said whats wrong? my dog viciously barked at me like i had never heard before, he started foaming at the mouth and trying to bite me, so i left him alone and he would be ok, but everytime i even thought about getting up to see if he was ok he would look at me again and start barking and growling like he wanted me dead, very wierd. after all this occured i put him outside not knowing what to do, i didnt want to call my parents and get busted so i left him alone. After all this occured me and my friend decided to go to the galleria, i thought it would fun, tripping and all so we went there and going up into the parking lot it felt like i was just engulfed in wierd ass visuals, my friend put on some techno music and it tripped me out even more. We finally went inside the mall and it was as if i was being watched the whole time. I started believing i was in the matrix and i was being chased by those special agents, i was running through the mall like a madman and my friend didnt know what the hell to do. he eventually caught up to me and got me the fuck out of there. on the way out this very short man said " Don't Trust him for he is the angel of death" i thought about it for a minute or 2 not knowing what the fuck just happened and me and my friend got back in his car. Still thinking about the angel of death coment i though, what if my friend is him? i suddenly became completely convinced my friend was trying to kill me i kept on trying to get out of the car, after a while i remembered i was on acid and i'd be ok. about 20 minutes went by of me listening to tripped out techno music just as i looked over and saw a cop next to us staring me down looking at us with very suspicious eyes. I informed my friend of the porker next to us and we took off, the cop pulled us over and accued us of dwi he had me and my frind take a breathalizer and we hadnt been drinking so he couldnt do shit. trying my best to keep a straight face while talkin to this dickhead i was about to burst out laughing since the visuals were still kickin hard. He let us off, but i just about crapped my pants. We went back to my house and i had my friend check on my dog and he was cool, so we went to my room to play some video games. and watched tv for a little while. all of a sudden it started to rain really hard and i saw that same short guy on tv warning me of all sorts of things that were going to happen to me, i started freaking out again and just left to go smoke a blunt. i figued it would calm me down a little, right? wrong, after having had smoked the blunt with my friend even crazier visuals kicked in, i stumbled my way inside to take a piss and i was staring down at the toilet and little drops of blood were coming out from indie of the toilet bowl, i started kinda laughin seeing as how i was just trippin' and all. all of a sudden a bunch of ants crawled up from underneath the toilet bowl and stated crawling all over me. I actually started to yell it felt like they were biting me so bad. all of a sudden i looked up at the wall in the bathroom and it looked like it was being sucked in at a small point and that same little man from the mall's head came out and said, " now is the time, you must come with me" and all of a sudden i heard a loud sucking noise and then i heard a train getting closer and closer, and the all i remember is everything going black. My friend told me he came into the bathroom about 15 minutes later and i was straight knocked out, he couldnt wake me up he said, as i was coming back to conciousness which my friend told me was about an hour later i woke up and it seemed like i was on a different planet, i was weightless. my friend somehow dragged me to the car and i woke up outside this kids house in his front yard. i saw all there people staring at me laughing and shit and i didnt recognize them for about 10 minutes, i realized after a while they were my friends and i was now coming down from my trip. This was the best acid i have ever taken i suggest that if you ever get red paper acid with little blue robots on it you should take it with this story in mind. They say your personality changes every time you take acid, its true i havent looked at acid the same way ever since this trip, have fun thanks for reading