Story 89

I live in southern California and have a trip story that is a very good memory for me. It happened one evening in the summer of 1996. My best friend and I decided to swallow a handful of shrooms each and go up to a campground that is not far from where I live. Our girlfriends decided that they would like to come with us. They didn't want to shroom with us they only wanted to smoke some bud and be entertained by our sillyness. So we took off for the mountain. During the drive, my friend and I began to feel the effects. We were both sitting in the back seat of the car and the girls were up front. We were listening to some music (Stone Temple Pilots - Tiny music) and suddenly the flowers along the side of the road came vibrantly to life as they flowed by the window. It was just about sunset at this time so the colors of the sky were changing drastically from pink to orange and everything started to take off then. We arrived at a campsite and somehow managed to start a fire in the pit. By this time darkness was setting in and the fire seemed to light up the entire forest. We could hear other campers in the distance talking and carrying on but we were pretty secluded. I think my friend and I sat staring at the fire for awhile as our girlfriends smoked and seemed to be laughing and giggling and having fun all to themselves despite our state of semi-hypnosis. We then looked behind ourselves to notice the enormous shadows that were being cast upon the looming pine trees. We became fascinated by this and whispered to each other about running into the forest and dancing with the shadows. I felt like a little boy again playing in the dirt and staring up at the vast sea of bursting stars. For a moment I believed that i understood the concept of forever while looking at the deep night sky and the universe in one second all made perfect sense. But only for a moment, then everything seemed to make no sense at all. I found each little thing to be quite ridiculous and strange. We then put out the fire and climbed back into the car to start heading back down the mountain. All I can say about this part is that the world was my personal amusement park and this was the best roller coaster ride I've ever been on. The moon was full so everything seemed to glow. Everything seemed so alive. We were all laughing and so happy. My friend and I kept looking at each other and communicating with what seemed like telepathy. We knew what each other was thinking it seemed and we were'nt saying a thing. His teeth were glowing really bright white and he had kind of an evil grin that was'nt freaky, just mysterious looking. Our girlfriends' hair was blowing in our faces and it smelled so good. The music we were listening to seemed to be coming from the air outside the car and I felt as though everyone in the world was in on this. We arrived home and still feeling surreal noticed that the neighborhood around my house seemed like a well crafted movie set. We Laughed about this and went inside to watch Tv. X FILES came on and we sat glued to the TV screen. This particular episode was strange enough without the drugs, but we were in another world for that Hour. My friend and His girl decided to call it an evening and as they were leaving the front door I flicked the porch light on and off real fast and freaked out my buddy. We all enjoyed one last laugh before they left. My girlfriend went to sleep and I went into the backyard. It was about 2am now and my trip was wearing down. I stood looking at the stars. Everything was completely silent. At that moment a bird flew out of the tree beside me and I watched it fly in a perfect circle around me several times before floating up above me and drifting away. I was quite moved by this and just stood there in awe. I soon went to bed and woke up feeling happier than I can remember ever feeling. It was wonderful and gave me a fresh new attitude toward things. Everytime I hear the song "And so it Goes" by STP, i get a very warm feeling inside. "Campfire girls make me feel alright"