Story 90

Me and my friend started to get into acid and shrooms about a year ago and we usually do it at least once every other month. We had planned all week to dose up on Friday. After running all over town and having been bullshitted by my dealer all night we finally bought 5 sugar cubes. My man told me that they were bad ass visuals and not to take more than 1. I said fuck it I know what i'm doing and he's probably fucking with me anyway. So we bounce back to my friends house and we both take 2 1\2. We walked out to his poolhouse and smoked a few bowls and just chilled for awhile. After we were good and high I started to notice an intense glowing all around us I had always seen that in all my previous trips and I was enjoying it hoping that it was really gonna hit me hard. It was coming on slow and we went inside and watched some tv for awhile. I kept noticing the floor in his basement had turned from the solid carpet to and oozing lava type substance. I was still in control and it was looking pretty cool and my friend saw it too. After awhile we were fuckin around on his computer looking at and getting some cool visuals but not too strong. Soon again we got bored and went upstairs in his room. I watched the lights in the room swirl around my head the posters on the walls were practically alive. One of the better hallucinations was the ants on his sheets, and the colorchanging patterns on them. i was hypnotized for quite awhile along with my friend who was seeing many of the same things. Half an hour later It wa sgetting really intense and I watched Satan extrend his hand to me, and I knew i was fucked. I didn't panic just simply ignored the gesture. By this time I noticed Jay had also been hit hard he sat on his bed crouched in a ball trembling. i looked at him. His body seemed to be melting on the bed and his face had taken shape of some kind of wierd looking dwarf, pointy ears and all. " Shit man I think we took too much too much." he said. What the fuck I thought did he say that twice? Was it just me? "Nah man we're cool chill out man its just a drug we'll be straight in a few hours." i said convincingly. yeah right i thought. i started to really believe that i would be in this state for the rest of my life. The music in the room had taken shape and was swirling around my head. Everything in the room had taken a very fucked up form and it was literally making me insane. Closing my eyes didnt help, i could still see the fucking music! Finally about an hour later we went outside to smoke a cig and I realized we were not triping as hard. We had peaked and now we were slowly but surely coming down. We had saw his dad and i watched his eyeballs slowly move onto his forehead but ignored it and went outside. Although the ground was still moving and my friend was still a unrecognizable dwarf my mind was coming back together. Later I found out that each sugar cube was double dipped so we had actually ingested 5 hits each. All in all it was a very intense trip and i'd do it all over again anyday.