Story 92

My acid story isn't as cool as the others and I didn't take 500 or 1000+ mics (I don't know if it was even 20) but it's a story and I'm dying to tell someone. Here it is: My group of friends threw a party one Friday night. It was at my friends' house, Josh. The thing we like most about Josh's parties (besides the porn) was that Josh had a brother who was 17 and ALWAYS had acid-head friends over. On one such occasion, a tall, blonde-haired partier came over into Josh's room where we was at. We kind of knew him, his name was Jared. "You guys ever dropped acid?" We were awed. We knew the next question. "No." Somebody answered. We never did acid or grass. We were 13, new to the acid world. "You want some?" Tickles of nervous sensations. "Sure." We answered. "Five dollars a hit. Okay?" We each gave him the money. He left the room. The plan was he would go to a friends and pick it up while we waited . When Jared left I asked everybody who knew him if he was the type to rip us off. No. Later that night, my nerves were cooler, but I was still excited, I sat in Josh's brothers room, smokin' a ciggarette and drinking a little. The door opens. I look and it's our pal Jared. I sat on the couch. Nervous sensations again. Overwhelmed with thoughts 'Did he get it? I hope he got it. Pray he got it.......' He cooly looks right at me and signals me to follow. More nervous! We go into Josh's bedroom where my soon-to-be acid-head friends were waiting. I sit on the floor. He pulls out of his shirt pocket a plastic bag. He sets it down on Josh's little bedroom table. Jared opens it a little and pulls out a purple pez candy. He puts it in his palm and guides it towards my chest. I, with my thumb an forefinger, take it out of his palm and hold it at perfect level (which was hard because I was trembling with fear. "Bite it exactly in half." He said to me. 'Here we go!' I thought. CRUNCH. I give the other half to my good friend Marc to enjoy as I suck on the LSD laced candy serenly. Only acid-heads have that wonderful exciting feeling of knowing that LSD, Fry, Purple Haze, California Sunshine, Acid was in there stomach-the real thing! an that in just a little while it would be in your brain and the rest of your system! TRIP!!! I got really anxious for the acid to kick in, I started asking every experience user what was going to happen to me. I got some good advice, but I read to many pig articles on the danger of LSD and shit like that. I made a big first time user mistake: I doubted a good trip. You're sure to have a bad trip if that's all you think about. Forty minutes of absolute nerve singing anxiousness passed. I got a tingle feeling on my scalp and fingertips. I didn't know what it was. I asked this nice 16 year old hippy chick what it was. She said it was the start of my trip. I went downstairswondering if the acid will make me go insane. I took a piss and went back upstairs to Josh's room. While I was walking up the stairsmy legs felt weird. They felt like they were gone, like they wern't there. I got upstairs and into Josh's room. They had turned on a strobe light. I went to find a seat on the floor. I tripped over Josh's legs, I got up and went to a corner to sit(afterwards, Josh said I acted like a zombie falling down and getting up). I sat there wondering what was happening and if this was a dream. Suddenly, I felt a vibration in the corner against my back like somebody was there. I got up, freaked out a little I sat in another corner. The strobe was still on. My other friend, Cameron, not yey tripping, was having a ball. He was obsessed with how cool his watch looked in the strobe. Excited, he ran overto me, got in my face and told me to look at his watch (he didn't know I was starting my journey). CLICK! Somebody hit the panic switch in my brain. "Get away! GET AWAY!!" I yelled loudly. I completely lost it. I started running around everywhere. I was claustophobic to the dark. For the next 30 minutes (I only remember 3 seconds of it) I murmerd "Bad trip. Oh fuck! Bad trip! What do I do? What do I do?" Finally an experienced tripper sat me down andtalked to me, calming me down. He told me to play a video game. I did. For 4 or so minutes I played. I got hit by a pumpkin in the game and I died. I laughed. Then like nothing I started crying, then, again panic. "I gotta do something. I have to do something!" I started running around everywhere again. The same tripper (once again) calmed me down.He did this weird buddha third eye trick and after that I was chilled. This time for good. I was mellow and tranquil. Everyone seemed close to me. For about 4 hours I laughed. I was groovin' with every one in the room. I went to sleep afterwords, marking my first LSD experience. I 100% support the people who use LSD. It has made me more creative, more open, and a better person. That's my story. Bye.