Story 95

It was a saturday about 12:45. I was at home with my friend Jake waiting for my mom to leave. she left and i took out our 2 tabs of acid. we droped them and went out to buy some O.J. and rent Alice In Wonderland. we had heard all about acid but had never done it so we didnt know what to do or expect. about a half an hour later he told me my ceiling was moving and that he thought it was kicking in. I kept trying to see it, but couldnt. we went out because i had to get some cigarettes-he had some but i didnt feel right smoking his because i didnt have any, like his cigarettes werent satisfying my cravings-i was getting mad now because i wasnt "seeing shit" like i heard so much about. i was just feeling light and relaxed. i couldnt find anyone to buy me cigarettes(im not 18 yet) so we went back to my house. we decided to down the O.J. in hopes of a signifigant enhancement to our just beggining trip. i was starting to feel better about our trip and relaxed more. I went into my room and turned on the mirror-my mirror is like this:in between 2 mirrors there is a ring of lights so when you look in it there is a tunnel of lights-i pressed my face against it and felt like i was inside of it. i concentrated on the black hole and cartoon characters started coming out and trying to speak to me. This was too much for me and i needed a cigarette. i knew that Jakes wouldnt satisfy me so i was determined to get some. i saw some friends who were stoned and 18. i told them about what was happening and they tryed to scare me by saying everyone was a cop and i had a spider on my neck- i ran around a while trying to get the spider off my neck, and they all started laughing at me. i finally got my own cigarettes and was satisfied. i was smoking on my porch and looking at the door. there was a thumbtack in the door and i saw a guy with an afro playing the bongos in there. i started talking to him but he wouldnt say anything back to me. we went inside and started the movie. it wasnt tripping me out like i thought it would and i started staring at my ceiling. it looked like those 3-d pictures you have to stare at for a while to see, except it was always there and changing shapes. the most pertinent shape was a dragon on fire. they were always moving and colorful tracers were following them. i started rambling on to jake that you had to trip off of shit in your own imagination-not shit that was already there(like the movie) so we stopped it for a while and looked more at my living room. i still have my christmas lights up(too lazy) and i was looking at them and they started to move like they were breathing. then it look as if my whole house was breathing. i looked at a picture of some guy and he grew horns and started melting and his eyes sucked in so all he had was empty sockets. my rug started to grow like a plant and make shapes in it as well. We decided to go out to the beach. as we were walking he told me my pupils were covering the colored part almost completely. i decided to look into the next car mirror we passed. i stopped in front of this van and saw an old native american man sitting in the passenger seat. i decided he wouldnt mind if i used his mirror to check my pupils so i did. on the beach we went over to the cliff that overlooked the ocean. there was water dripping off the cliff, but it was dripping upward. there were red and yellow fractals all over the ice plant. we left and went back to my house and watched the rest of the movie tripping. we went out again and this time i got very paranoid-i saw all the bushes moving and thought there was a fed under all of them so went to a more populated area and thought everyone knew what i was on because they were all looking at me. we went home and stared at my ceiling some more. it was getting dark and we went to look at the sunset. all the colors and clouds were blending together and swirling around and it was beautiful. my mom came home and we played video games and tripped off of my lava lamp and he went home. ill never forget that trip!!