Story 96

Hey whats up, great web site, I enjoyed reading all the stories. I just tripped for the first time yesterday, January 29, 2000. I had been wanting to try acid for a long time, but I was scared because I heard so many horror stories about people having bad trips and doing crazy stuff and shit. But I figured as long I as stayed calm and tripped with someone I trust then I would be ok. So here's my little trippy story. My friend calls me Saturday at about 8 pm and asks if I want to try acid because hes got some. I said sure, what the hell. I've been smoking weed for about six months, but never tried anything else. So my friend comes over at about 11:30 pm and we smoke a few bowls and then each drop 2 blue gel tabs a little after midnight. This was supposedly some of the best shit available. We're sitting around watching tv about 40 minutes later and I'm feeling a buzz from the weed but nothing out of the ordinary. Now I'm starting to get annoyed because I've looked forward to this and my friend is sitting there next to me laughing his ass off at some dumb show on tv, and I'm not feeling the acid yet. Then all of a sudden it hits me and I feel kind of chilled and shaky, my heart starts racing and I feel kind of numb. Then a few minutes later I look at the wall and it looks like the paint on the wall is dripping onto the floor and melting like candle wax or something. It turns all different colors, bright purple orange and green and looks kind of shiny. I'm getting kinda freaked out at this point, because I've never seen anything like this before. I was aware that it was just a hallucination but it looked so real. I look over at my friend and try to speak but my voice sounds all garbled and I dont make any sense at all. He says something to me that sounded like "go pick the daisies" but I couldn't tell for sure and I asked him to repeat it and he just laughed and I could tell he was tripping his ass off. Then I looked at his hand and it turned into a bright orange and yellow hot-air balloon and floated away. I stood up and screamed, "oh my god you lost your hand" and he's like what are you talking about? I hear someone open the door and come in the house and I run upstairs to see who it is but theres nobody there. At this point I'm kinda getting paranoid and decide to get something to drink and sit down and try to relax. I pour myself a glass of Kool-Aid and go back downstairs. My friend is now jumping up and down on the couch with the stereo blasting some shit that sounds german or something to me. he turns the music off and I sit down to drink my kool-aid, only now it looks like like a multi-colored waterfall pouring out of the glass and onto the carpet. It flows all over the room and disappears somewhere into a corner. I felt like I was the waterfall flowing. I drink the kool-aid and now its turning into bright red flames. I throw the glass down and it breaks. My friend is worried that I'm going to hurt myself and he tells me to chill out. I tell him I'm trippin hard and he tells me to calm down and then we smoke a few more bowls. I'm still gettin visuals like crazy. I feel like the whole universe is inside of my head crashing around in my thoughts or something. I know that sounds weird but I really can't describe the feeling. I had never felt this weird in my life. My cat came into the room then and I looked at her and it looked like these weird, squiggly blue shooting stars were coming out of her eyes. I started laughing like crazy. By now its almost 2 am and me and my friend decide to go to meijers, which was one of the few places in our area that was open at that hour. We go out to the car, and all the houses on my street looked like they had black and white checkers on them. I ask my friend if hes ok to drive and he says yea. hes had experience with LSD before, so I trust him. we get to meijers and I'm afraid to go in because I might do something stupid. My friend practically has to drag me into the damn store. For some strange reason I head to the fruit section and pick up a bag of apples and it looks like a bunch of shining rubies, all shimmery. I hold them up to the light and it looks absolutely beautiful, and keeps changing color. I look over at some guy who turns into a pink kangaroo and starts hopping around the store. I start cracking up hysterically and my friend comes over and makes me sit down on a bench by the door and tells me to wait there until he comes back. I sit and watch the people walk by, just sitting there laughing with this dumb grin on my face. A few people look at me like I'm crazy but I dont even care.I'm off in my own world. A kid walking by turns into a minature tiger with a red leash on its neck. I look down at the floor and see all these weird bugs crawling around, like ants or something I guess. I cant tell if they're real or not. I decide they are and go up to some lady who worked there and told her they need to put some ant traps on the floor and she looks at me kind of funny and says"excuse me?" I say never mind, and go back to the bench and sit down. After what seems like 3 hours(it was actually only about 10 minutes--I guess acid screws up your sense of time) my friend comes back with a bunch of pepsi and candy and chips and stuff and I'm like oh, cool, because I have the munchies and I'm starving. We go home and eat our snacks and listen to some pink floyd, which was pretty cool . I was sitting in my living room staring at some picture on the wall and there was this guy in the picture and it looked like he came to life and started walking around the room. Every beat of the music sounded loud as hell, and it seemed like it lasted forever. By 4 am I'm tired as hell and so is my buddy so we both go to bed. That was one of the weirdest experiences I have ever had. Hope you enjoy my story, and keep up the good work with your website, its awesome. Peace.