Story 97

On december 25, 1999 me and my friend Lou went to a club in philly. It was the christmas night bash. Before we went we each took the greatest sugar cubes of our lives. and by the time we reached the club we were trippin FACE. I bought two hits of E ( I believe they were Green Nikes). I was feelin great. The lights, the music it was just fuckin amazing. Around 1:30 a guy walks up to me and says," I dont have any money but my friend spotted me these hits to sell so if you buy two I'll give you three for free' if there beat i'ts only 10 bucks you lost if there not you just got a hell of a deal." Being in the Christmas spirit I decided to buy them. I figured they were beat but hey who gives afuck. so i decided to drop all 5 of these paper hits. Well that was a mistake soon everything got weird. I couldnt understand what anyone was saying it sounded like they were speaking french or something. I wanted to talk but the words wouldnt come out right. On the way home we took the speedline the guy next to me looked like he was melting in to the seat. THank god people were there to help me. When i got home i stared at my lava lamp. Ive never thought that a lava lamp could be that interesting. I was so scared. I tried to make everything stop but it wouldnt needless to say it was a long fuckin night. But i survived and im still trippin face to this day. Happy trails.