Story 98

I've tripped nine times. The first time was at a church camp, on mushrooms. That was fucking great. Basically me and my friend hid from everybody, but we occasionally saw people and I just had to get away because they all looked like cartoons and I couldn't help but laugh. At one point we were laying on the bunk beds, and there was this other kid in the cabin who wasn't tripping and didn't know we were. My friend, without thinking, said "The ceiling looks like it's moving." The kid, half joking, replied "are you tripping, John?" That was funny Anyway, taking acid has been a much more traumatic experience for me. It has given me some truly hellish thoughts, fear of death, depression and horrible visions. One time, I tried to sleep while tripping (I know, it's impossible) and all I could see was this gross, neverending blob of vikings, screaming people, blood, and huge women fucking. Needless to say, I had to get up. I took acid once when I was 15. This was at a very low self esteem level in my life, the LSD made me look at myself in a very negative way, and the day after I was just so horribly depressed, thinking my life was sad and lonely (which it kind of was, but the drug really accentuated that). I eventually got over it, both the trip and the low self esteem. Now acid is just a funny, absurd trip through the dimensions of space. I love to listen to bands like Mercury Rev (I'm serious get the album "Yerself Is Steem"), Spacemen 3 and Butthole Surfers while tripping. Trippers, check this music out, it's mindblowing. I really do think acid has made me look at the world in a more pure, no bullshit and absurd way, but I'm not so pretentious to think it will solve the world's problems. I mean, for personal use it's great, but c'mon, it's not going to cure the world's ills. At the same time, I do think it has made me value life more, spiritually and mentally. Shit, mabye acid could cure at least some problems. Well, I do have a couple more funny acid stories. I tripped with this girl once. I was tripping but she wasn't. It didn't go that well because I was tripping so hard I couldn't even kiss her! The idea of kissing seemed so fucking odd to me that I couldn't do it. Even now, I still think kissing is fucking weird (think about it) but of course I still do it. Anyway, she was wearing this cologne, and after she left at about three in the morning, I could not get rid of that smell! I hated it, it was sickly sweet. I threw out everything she had touched, I even took a shower and put on incense but I could just not expel it from my nostrils! Also, the next morning, I heard my mom screaming. My brain, still feeling the effects of LSD, was convinced that she was yelling because my brother was lying dead. I had just seen him outside riding his motorbike and I was sure he had just been in a horrible accident. I was absolutely numb with terror. It turned out my mom was just yelling at my dad because he had forgotten his wallet on his way to work! Oh, I'd like to put in a plug here; I'm just about to release a CD, and if you're an acid head, I'd highly advise you to check it out. It's supreme acid music, I'm serious it will take you on a mad trip. You don't even have to pay if you can download MP3's. I'll have downloadable files available on my website, which should be ready in about a month (today is Jan 28 2000) Anyone who is interested, email me, David, at and I'll send you the website address. I'm also writing a script write now about a kid who goes on a neverending bad trip. I think that will make an insanely crazy movie! Anyway, that's some of my story. I definitely want to trip again. Who knows where my mind will go next?