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"traumatic experience"

"multidimensional web"

"this was no hallucination"

"it was all in slow motion"

"she looked 120 years old"

"mind shattering experience"

"i was seeing fractals"

"why cant I truly let go?"

"awestruck by the force of the trip"

"no idea what was going on"

"I was feeling crazy"

"tripped for the first time"

"being in school for ten minutes,"

"my mind was on the brink"

"real or hallucinations?"

"prepare for emergency landing"

"everythings getting blurry"

"could feel my brain bleeding"

"uncontrollable twitch"

"long time since last trip"

"my body craves lsd"

"the devil with his mistress"

"beggining to have a bad trip"

"while watching Hellraiser"

"shrooms hit so hard"

"having auditory hallucinations"


"at a huge rave"

"the best trip"

"3rd of July"

"mad hatter"

"my heart jumps"

"patterns in the clouds"

"we finally reached reality"

"tiny worms crawling around"

"we were really flying"

"give me the bag of toys"

"insane, crazy, bad trip"

"no fucking way"

"ultra dialated eyes"

"i saw purple"

"bunch of hippy busses"

"put on some jimi"

"as if I were flying"

"magnificent flowers"

"we popped 3 each"

"14 wonderful hours"

"creatures from mars"

"mega dose"

"so I said "what the hell""

"the best trip of my life"

"a bad feeling about tonight"

"thought I was on the operating table"

"we got distracted by the stars"

"the room began spinning"

"I felt light in my head"

"it was New Years Eve 2000"


"things started to get a little trippy"

"the most entertaining part"

"I wasnt able to speak much"

"my head looked so small"

"beautiful purple flower"

"so at peace with everything"

"always been against acid"

"jumping from tent to tent"

"I met an acidfreak"

"mind development"

"skinny dippi in the ocean"

"40 hours of community service"

"I just pissed myself"

"in perfect rythym with the drums"

"kick ass bong"

"haunted with a ghost"

"smoke alot of pot"

"dropped in school"

"pale white"

"someone saw me take the acid"

"unforgettable memories"

"sittin in the rain"

"faces in the sand"

"walked in circles"

"go to a different beat"

"running away from shadows"

"beano the magic missle"

"Dr. Robotnik"

"fire and the forest"

"really gonna hit me hard"

"cried in cleveland"

"get away!!!"

"I was found in a closet"

"*poof* your a comic book"

"went to look at the sunset"

"kind of chilled and shakey"

"christmas in space"

"saga of the melting mind"

"there was lego people"

"a psychedelic retrospective"

"crazy night in college"

"vitamin C got me busted"

"school is cool"

"best trip of my life"

"senior formal"

"havent tripped in a while"

"low grade blotter"

"my second trip"

"the worst trip"

"so many great experiences"

"best day of school"

"waking up from reality"

"electric blue acid"

"acid at raves"

"most outrageous trip"

"nobody should pay for acid"

"I defeated th bottle of O.J."

"an unearthly world"

"winterfresh gum"

"the human mind is small"

"so relaxed and peaceful"

"heavy shit"

"started freakin out"

"best time of my life"

"tribe called quest"

"so I take my hits"

"we got busted"

"10 blue gel caps"

"winter day in michigan"

"got my tongue pierced"

"I started crying"

"watching spawn"

"smokin mass pot"

"so much terror"

"seeing rainbow light"

"noticed peoples auras"

"poodle patty's"

"take me jesus"

"trip i'll never forget"

"welcome to the machine"

"thought it was bunk"

"this is amazing"

"my godlike/demonic trip"

"craziest night of my life"

"everthing was mechanical"

*New Stories*

"dont do drugs"

"first trip "

"bring out your dead"

"the best trippin mind game"

"trippin balls "

"my bad trip"

"long strange day"

"panic attacks "

"eye candy gone bad"

"the most evil feeling"

"swiss cheese symphony"

"5 hits "

"my first trip... ever"

"i got a tattoo, what?"

"we took more than we thought"

"hotel trippin "

"best day of my life"

"paper towel experience"

"piles of pudding"

"my fucked up night"

"what the hell"

"worst night of my life"

"beautful visuals "

"17 houra "

"last time "

"bleeding in the ears"

"yellow eyes "


"did you see that"

"computer trip "

"weird trip "

"lets ride the bus"

"floating through space"

"my trip into th netherworld"

"bad shroom trip"

"i just wanna stop trippin"


"cough syrup and acid"

"the smurf "