Story 11

Ive been asking for some acid for about a week when I finally got some and when I did it was liquid dropped on smarties, ive never done liquid before, or actually seen it like I could on the candy, just felt its effects of blotter. But when I got it, i gave a friend who I owed money to and asked him to give me a ride home. I was in trouble from smoking bud in the bathroom in school so I was risking a lot here but I just had to trip. i made plans to have a little trip party the next day with my friends seeing as how I had 10 of them so It was all set. when i got home noone was there so I called a freind who wanted one, so she came over and she wound up paying for three, i was feeling good just from having it so I took one, it melted quick so I was kinda scared at how potent the trip might be so I took one more and stuck it in my cheek to let it melt slow, and it did so I was more confident. after about a half an hour of the most boring tv I ever watched I was getting extremely ancie and had to do something so I picked up some balls and started juggling like I had recently learned to do, I then remembered that I had just bought "Chemical Brothers" and had wanted to hear what it sounded like trippin', that was fun for about 5 seconds and I had to get out. It was now about 6:30 and I dropped at about 5:00, I had gone outside to write down my thoughts remembering from an earlier trip that I had wanted to write down the explosion of colorful thoughts in my head. So I was out there looking at the many outlines the trees had and admiring how free my dog was naked like that, so I drew him and wrote some weird poetry when my dad came home. He wasnt supposed to be home, noone was so I was freakin. I quickly went inside to my room and turned on the tv, within minutes he came in and said,"Why'd you come in so quickly, thats not like you", and started to leave when he turned around and started to tell me about how he had received the letter explaining my diversion contract, that was weird, hearing my dad talk about diversion while was tripping nuts. I knew from then after discussing with my dad how terribly acted this movie was that I was room bound and how sad that was. I can remember watching the last five minutes of this crazy movie with a train and then that snake blisken movie came on. it was about 8:45 now and I was feelin crazy, I had to call somebody then but it was friday and noone was home and I felt so lonely. When finally my freind Lorenzo called to say to come over and to tell me he heard about how i got in trouble i was so happy to hear him I couldnt believe it, I couldnt go over so we hung up. I watched the movie for what seemed like 3 hours but when I looked at the clock it was only like 8:47, so I was going slowly out of my mind when I could hear my dog at my door so I let him in. I laid there and pet him for a long time just admiring this fish poster I have that seemed to melt into itself when I got the idea to just take more and really get going not realizing that the trip had not even begun to kick in on me so I grabbed one more and broke it and gave one half to my dog and let the other one melt in my mouth not in my hand. It didnt take long before my dog was about to jump through my door so I let him out, thats when the real trip began. I felt like I was going to jump through my skin, I started screaming into my pillow. My stepmom came in at one point and was like, are you alright, but I was good around parents so I just played along, she was like " I thought I heard screaming but it must have been the tv" I was just like, must have been. I cant really remember much from here so Im going to patch out what I do. OK i felt that I had to leave my room and go to the kitchen or something I dont remember what it was I wanted, I didnt remeber then either because when I got there I just !!SLAMMED!! the cabinet door as hard as I could and walked back past my parents as if nothing happened back to my room. My dad came in and asked me if I was okay, here all I can remember is him asking me if I was on acid and me saying yes then he picked me up and pushed me against the wall and I poked his eye and he grabbed my arm hard and started breathing really loud. He then left I think i came back and picked me up like a sack of potatoes and carried me outside, it gets so weird here, all I wanted to do was sleep but my dad kept fighting with me in the yard and I would run and he would tackle me, and then I would punch at him and he would punch at me, it was so weird seeing his face against the stars and him hitting at me. But I would always get free, but one time i threw up all over myself and then he got the hose and sprayed me with it. so I got up took my shirt off and ran across the street to lay down in the neighbors yard, i was inhaling a lot of grass but i didnt care and I kept saying, i made a mistake and Im gonna pay for it for the rest of my life or something like that. I then remember bits here. I remeber the cops feet and flashlight and him saying, whats going on here, I remeber waking up and almost choking on my puke, I remember punching my dad in the dick, I remember them lifting me up to put me on the ambulance bed. I remember them strapping me down, but noone was was going to strap me down in my dream, which I thought I was, at that point my vision was a circle that kept rotating into itself but I could undo the straps and wrestle around with the ambulance people until i gave up and fell asleep. I couldnt figure out why I was there so i kept asking everyone, and once they told me I'd have to ask again because i forgot why I was dead and in this hell. I woke up in the hospital with cops and hospital people and my parents around it was so weird, they kept asking me what I took and how much but I told them something different every time, the lights were so bright and seeing everyone crying was so weird, when they all left I offered some guy $20 to undo the straps, I was freakin out so I just fell back asleep. I can remember everything from here on, I woke up with the best visuals I ever had but the atmosphere was so sad, my brother was there and I was so embarrassed to be seen by him like that, my dad was crying but it looked like blood to me. I felt so warm but so bad, I felt like I wrote the book on visuals and could understand them perfectly. The walls were building castles just like the floors were and my room was dark but outside it was light, and I would play with the paint on the counters and I would unravel the paint so I could see the wood under it and I would make the computers wobble and I would pull files out of thier places and let them come to me and then I would just push them back. my fingers left different colored tracers, my fore finger was red and my middle one blue etc. thier were fairies flying around all over the place and I promised my dad I would never do it again which I already broke and feel kinda bad about. Once they let me leave I threw up once more and then started to flip around the letters on the do not enter sign on the door which kept me amused until the car came,we were driving home and I was pushing all the trash to the side of the road and making the tar dissapear. When I got there I stepped out and made the leaves on the ground into little trolls that were busy gathering things to build their houses. I had to go to my moms house because they didnt really want me there on that night, on the way there we passed one of those big green signs above the road and then all the lines on the road flew up to it and it flipped and turned into a casino that we were driving into I was having fun but I had to put on a sad face for my parents, when I got there I tried to stay awake to play with my visuals but I was so tired I just fell asleep. I woke up with that morning after trip feeling but with the you just went to the hospital and your parents know feeling. all in all it was good and bad, dont let my story discourage those of you that let the trip bring you an inch from death, thats when you live. take it easy