Story 21

LSD has been a period in my life. The past five months have been the most enlightening, amazing experience of my life. I have tripped at least seven times, but somehow each trip seems like one continuous night. Each time I take another hit, it becomes merely a continuation of the previous trip. I like to drink, I like to smoke pot, I really like ecstacy, but I love to trip. I can go places I have never dreamed of before while LSD flows through me. My second semester of college was my true introduction to the world of drugs. I started smoking pot and drinking weekly, and it was only a matter of time before I thought of tripping. A friend of mine had done it once or twice, and he wanted to do it again. My first trip was short and not very intense. I tripped with my friends Mike and Hope. Although we only saw rainbows around lights and noticed things more than usual, I knew this was something that I wanted to do again. The second trip was real. The same two friends and I dropped some liquid this time(on chocolate chip cookies)but Hope left us to go to some party. The whole night consisted of us trying to find Hope, because we realized the back of my shirt said "Try not to give up hope", the slogan for some band's album entitled "unity", but we didn't care. The major things I remember from that night were the huge coffee cup that I drank out of(while swallowing some Vitamin C)which made me trip I swear to this day...and talking to Hope on the phone from the party. Another bizarre event were people screaming at the top of their lungs from inside the elevator down the hall, somewhere between floors. When we left the room to examine the terrible screams from the elevator, my incredibily drunk girlfriend followed us down the hall, scooting along on the floor with her hands. IT looked like something straight out of the Shining. From that point on, I cannot distiguish one trip from the other(with one exception). I just remember walking around campus, talking to my friend Mike, and sometimes Hope, admiring nature, smoking pot, thinking up crazy stories about everyone we see, playing mind games with eachother, staring at our walls, listening to Phish and Pink Floyd, and packing our bags for the next weeks' trip. The last trip I had involved me, Mike, about 12 hits on paper(from my sister's boyfriend(my sister doesn't know I trip, even though I know she has, and that my dad has as well)), 2 rolls with probably shrooms or LSD in them(they had shrooms on them), and one theme park. If you have the means to go to a theme park tripping, I highly recommend it. There is no feeling on Earth like riding a good rollercoaster while tripping. I will also never forget riding the cat in the hat ride, specifically Thing #1 and Thing #2. LSD has certainly changed me. For one thing, my vision is so screwed up. If I stare at something for two long, it will begin to never did that before. Another thing about my vision is the phantom spots permanently imbedded into my eyes. They are transparent and seem to float around. I think this may have been from one trip where I stared at the sun rising for some bit. I asked Mike if I should be looking at the sun, to which he quickly responded "no". Well, I didn't listen to him, and it took me some time to realize that I must not look at the sun. I can't even begin to explain my experiences with acid. When I began this essay, I thought of all the great things that have happened to me. But when I try to write them down I simply cannot. I can't put what happened to me in words. I can't even give accurate accounts of what happened. I now have memories that will last me for the rest of my life and have gained two very close friends. Once you have tripped with someone, you have truly shared something. My body craves LSD, and I crave to be some place else. bye