Story 22

So, about a month and a half ago, I get acid from a classmate, who thought i was a narc at first but enough of that. The next day, I take 1 of the 2 of the hits and go to school (I always do it there.) Anyway, we take a test. Then I start feeling sick and run off to the bathroom. Weird thingis, i never had gotten sick when frying ever before. I throw up nothing, haven not eaten the day before, in a toilet and on the bathroom floor. I clean myself up, try to dry off my clothes, then this girl sees me and asks if I'm ok. I say yeah, then I feel fine like nothing happend. I go back to class, my teacher tells me he was worried when I ran off. I made up some bullshit about it being my medication and i didn't eat breakfast. So he makes me get a piece of fruit off his little fridge. I eat half of it, it was hard to do, let me tell ya! I sit down, the guy asks me if i took it, i say yeah. he asks when. i look at the clock and figure an hour and a half ago. he asked if it was hitting good and im like yeah. then i turn to this other kid, ho has no clue at all and ask if he saw what happend, with me getting sick, he didnt. next class, one of my good guy friends knows im frying. he all wlks into class singing. im telling him not to cause people whill know, i say. then we take notes and i sit there drawing. between classes, i see my friend who gives me a note. i read my friend's note, finding it touching for some reason. next hour, i go into anger management group. it was our last meeting and i got asked all these questions. hard to answer! then lunch, where im working in the cafeteria. some guys must have known, because they asked for doughnuts and this guy's like "over there" and points both of his fingers dramatically many times. i look at him with a weird smile and get them. i stop working, get 2 fruitopias, and talk to friends who dont know im frying (hardly anyone ever does). then i look at wooden doors in the halls and i see my 1st hour teacher. i tell him i'm ok. then i see all this weird stuff on the door, 2 people fucking, kittens nursing, the devil with his mistress, ect. bell rings. i have my headphones. time for counceling. my mom picks me up, im paranoid she'll know, she doesnt. took the other before counceling. counceling, odd. nobody noticed thankfully. i sit there coloring a lot of the time. after that, i go with people to a retro store. it had some cool paintings in it, and clothes, interesting. on the way, i listen to my headphones with my eyes closed and for once see the closed eye things. it looked like a virtual cave, with tunnels and such, but it's a solid coloring with graph like lines of another color intersecting . i hang out for a long while, no one noticing thankfully. get home that night there's macaroni and cheese on the stove. it looks gross. i dont eat it. try to sleep that night, but pattern things come when i close my eyes and i end up picturing gross stuff like animals eating their young, the young eating the stomach of the mother. but in time i slept and was tired the next day, and kinda stupid. hope u made it this far. buy now.