Story 23

I was wandering around my niehborhood in Orlando(which is a real boring neirhborhood) in my bike on a Friday night when i saw my homeboy J with his dad going to mcdonnalds. He stopped and pulled over and tolled me he was tripping balls with two hits of geltabs. He toled me to get some money and meet him at his house so that I can trip. I got ten bones and met my boy J at his house. we went bikeriding to P's house. my other boy C was there. they called the dealer and told me a hit was 7 bones. this is pretty expensive but was told that it was some potent stuff. we went there and got my one hit. I dropped at about 10 at night and suddenly it kicked in real hard half an hour later. I was looking at my boys face when i realize that he was the demon. I steped back and my boys realize I was tripping. they started to fuck with me tripping me out and doing some weird noises with their mouth which freaked me out. At looked at C's face and it was yellow, I was yellow wherever I would look. for no reason I started to laugh with C saying that i have never been this fucked up before. twenty minutes later C left and J and me left to J;s house to crash there for the night. He fell asleep cause he had dropped seven hours before i did. so I was totally bored at his room with nothing to do but close my eyes when I heard a buzzard from far away. This is were I begin to have a bad trip. I immidiately thought the buzzard was sirens from an ambulance. so I thought I was was in an ambulance going to the hospital for a drug overdose (which I now Know it is almost impossible to overdose on acid) I oke up my boy and he reassured me I was at his room. it was after this that I thought i was in hell, I couldnt get a grip of reality and thought for myself what was reality. I thought That I was going to stay in this state of confusion for eternity. morning came and my trip was wearing off and I was happy it was over. I still couldnt understand why I had a bad trip. after this experience, I have tripped a couple of times with positive effects, but I havent tripped for a while because of some major drug bust in Central Florida thanks to pigs, so its been hard to get acid.