Story 24

my parent's went out of town for a few days, and me and some of my friends partied there for a few days. on the last day we all got ahold of some clear gel acid tabs. we dropped at 11, it took maby 20 minutes for it to kick in. we were all having a realy good head trip, then at around 4 a clock, my friend jo decided to watch hell raiser. bad idea. he lost his mind!! he came in the living room and told me the dog controlls myu destiny and decked me in the face, then bitch slapped jeromy.. he started wiggin out and said he was plugged in the network or something. he threw his pager through a window and went outside. by now i was walking on lily pads and i followed him out.he sat on a fence talking to himself, then yelled out "THIS IS REALITY MOTHERFUCKER!! ' AND STARTED BEATING ON A NEIGHBORS HOUSE!, he got inside my moms carand tried to bust a window out. thank god he didn't. i took him into a field. and tried talking him out of it. so we sat in the orange rain untill the sun came up. then he kept questoning reality and every thing. and finally he said please help me. i knew then he was trying to snap out of it. we went inside and my house was trashed. he took off all his clothes and sat on the couch. me and matt ate some watermelon. that is so cool tripin! any way, he zoned back in, i cleaned my house and we enjoyed our trip. that was wierd! someone please e-mail me at, i'm brian.