Story 7

First let me say that I have been to almost a hundred dead shows and never tripped on acid until this past summer, 1997. I did shrooms at a few shows, but never tripped hard enough to call it a real trip, because I never really ate a great deal. Well this past summer, my boyfriend decided to introduce me to real trippin' and introduce me he did!!!! The first time I ate acid, we were at a bluegrass festival in upstate New York, and the shit was pretty weak but I had a good time, groovin' on the "amebas" which was something I talked about for hours. Matt was finally like, what the fuck is an ameba?!?! I described the visual to him, and he explained to me that what I was seeing was fractals. We grooved on the Dead, 6/28/74 to be exact. We grooved on the bass player in Hypnotic Clambake who was playing at this festival... we swear Chris Q knew we were trippin' cuz when he noticed us starin' at him, he turned toward us and played his bass like we had never seen before. Other than that, this trip was fun but pretty much uneventful, except for the fact that I fell asleep trippin' and woke up to the annoying sound of someone rummaging through a cooler next to my tent for what seemed like hours, they were movin' shit in the cooler around and the melted ice was LOUD as all hell. I woke up extremely grumpy, and got out of the tent, and luckily Matt was still up, and I grooved on fractals in the light of the lantern he was sitting under. (Does anyone else only see WHITE fractals?) I'm jealous I dont usually see colors. Anyway, this night was the beginning of "Olive Juice"... while we were sitting there I look over at Matt and he mouths the words "I love you" - well actually, who knows really what he said. I responded "I love you too" and he said, "I didnt say I love you, I said OLIVE JUICE!" (Mouth the words olive juice in the mirror sometime and tell me it doesnt look like yer sayin I love you). He doesn't even remember this part of the trip, but to this day we say Olive Juice most times instead of I love you. Anyway... enough about this trip which I lived through with no permanent brain damage :-) The NEXT trip however... I thought, ok, trippin' is no big deal... I can handle it. So a few weeks later we buy some doses and trip after the Jethro Tull show at Jones Beach. We drop at about 12 AM and start trippin' around 1 AM or so. There were some people over my house when we got there... including some guy with a tank of nitrous, which we sucked on some balloons and made us start to get off a little quicker. At first the trip was nothing out of the ordinary. Matt and Marty played guitar in my living room, and everything had a sort of far-off, dreamy sound to it. Then suddenly the patterns in the wooden floor started swirling, and I knew immediately by the intensity of the visuals, I was in for the ride of my life. The totally trippy sound of the guitars became a little too much for me right then, so I headed into my computer room and went online for a little normalcy. (Is that a word?) It was ok for about two minutes until the dirt on my computer monitor began to melt and move, and the screen and everything on it began melting. It was so intense compared to my first acid trip that it freaked me out somewhat. I had to get a break from the computer so I went back into the living room where Matt was getting off just as hard as I was but he was enjoying it, being a wayyyyy more experienced tripper than I was. Finally I made it clear to him that I was a little freaked and needed to be with just him, because he knows how to make me have a better time than anyone in the world. We headed downstairs into his basement apartment and he began the trippy mind games with me that I enjoy. Matt got the black lights out, and hung up the posters from his bedroom and we grooved on that for a bit. For a few minutes we werent feeling like we were tripping and we were sitting there on the couch when I looked out his window and the lightning flashed outside (yes there was really lightning) but it was GREEN!!!!! I was excited that I was beginning to experience my first trip with wacky visuals, but I was also a little nervous, not knowing what to expect. We took a few minutes and had an amazing time and then we put on the Dead, 6/28/74 again since we dug it so much the last time... totally expecting we were gonna have a blast this time too. For some reason though, we noticed every imperfection in the music and in the tape... every wrong note, everything that was just a fraction of a second off... we noticed it and it was extremely annoying - so much so that we had to turn it off and put on another show. That was the first clue that things were about to get wacky for the BOTH of us. I started sweating and we put on the fan, and then I got extremely cold and shut it off... only to be sweating again in a few minutes. This battle with hot and cold lasted quite a while... probably even the whole trip, but later on that became the least of my problems. Matt and I alternated between shedding clothing to putting it back on, and from turning the fan off to turning it back on. The fan became really interesting to watch although totally freaky. Things started turning purple on me, and while Matt was sitting on the floor with me, I looked at him at one point and his whole face changed before my eyes... he looked like a king, but he had a purple-ish looking face and I think the beads of sweat on him made him look all glittery. I lay on the floor watching the fan, as things got weirder and weirder all around me and I got more and more nervous. My foot began shaking back and forth faster and faster, in an attempt I guess, to calm myself. I didnt even realize it until Matt yelled at me out of no where to STOP! I then realized he was starting to become freaked out by our trip, which freaked me out even harder, because he was supposed to be the experienced one!!!! We decided to head upstairs to talk to someone even more experienced than Matt. Well Thomas was passed out, so we talked to Marty, who we didnt particular care for, but we figured anything will help us at this point. Matt asked him a question, to which he replied something about shaving off his eyebrow. We were like THANKS, you really helped our bad trip. We were like, lets get the fuck out of here... so we went back into the basement. That didnt help much, so we went back upstairs. And over and over again. I really have no idea how long we went upstairs, downstairs, etc... but it started becoming light outside and things weren't getting any better. We went outside on my back deck, hoping the change of scenery would help. It didn't. We looked at each other with a pained expression, wondering if we were ever going to get our minds back. We went downstairs and went into his bedroom where the walls are white and he had taken all the posters and put them in the other room earlier, so we were hoping the lack of stimuli would help. It didnt. We held each other and just kept saying I love you OVER and OVER... trying to will each other into not losing our minds. I began to come down a little bit, and I realized Matt was still having a very hard time, so because I love him so much, I decided in my mind to "take his bad trip for him." Well no one told me that an inexperienced tripper should never do such a thing, because within minutes I was tripping hard again, teetering on the brink of insanity. (Later we described it as being reduced to a single cell organism). So we both lay there holding each other, waiting for it to just go away. It wasnt working, so we ventured upstairs and outside once again, where the cats were waiting for their food, being that it was around 7 AM and past their normal feeding time. We took one look at my cat Ripple, looked at each other and go, "He has no idea." Every minute seemed like an hour or more. Matt kept asking me what time it was, because we kept telling each other that in a while we'd be ok. Well each time he asked it was only about a minute or two after the last time. Finally he had this brainstorm of doing things as we normally do them in the morning to try and bring ourselves back to reality. Lets make coffee, he decided. However, Matt had no clue how to go about it, and he had taken more hits than me, so I decided I was going to be the one that was going to help HIM and take control of the situation. I got the coffee down out of the cabinet, I put the water in the machine, I tried counting the correct number of scoops, but everything became such a PROJECT. I counted the scoops out loud, laughing my ass off because I felt so retarded... I was trying to lighten the situation and I looked over at Matt, hoping my having a little bit of fun was helping, when I realized it clearly wasnt. I didnt want either of us to have any more chemicals in our body and thought coffee would send us into the spins again, so I did everything but actually turn the coffee maker ON. I kept telling Matt it was almost ready, until over an hour later he forgot about it. We started calming down after about two hours of being upstairs in the daylight, but we had to be in separate rooms, because everytime we saw each other it brought back the intensity of the trip. So he stayed in the living room while I went online and found some experienced trippers to talk to and explained I was losing my mind... they helped talk me down, but every time I left that room and saw Matt I began spinning again. Finally we knew the worst of it was over, so we went downstairs to try and sleep, which was basically impossible. We watched TV and the TV was just too much for us... we finally just layed there and did nothing as it slowly wore off. It wasnt until 18 hours later that we were fully down, but for days things were weird and fuzzy to us, and every time we smoked pot for about a month things melted on us constantly and we got trails and fractals all the time. One time I even saw Matt's aura when we were sitting on the back deck one night smoking pot. I was grooving on this purple outline around him but had no idea what it was... I just thought it was the street lights through the woods that were reflecting weird. When I told him about it a few days later, he told me it was his aura, because other people had told him he had a purple aura. WOW!!!! I was never able to see auras before (nor have I been able to since then). Anyway... to this day when I smoke really good bud I trip... things melt... and I ALWAYS see fractals... especially in the sunlight. I finally got rainbow fractals (the ROYGBIV rainbow) which is really sweet. But most of the time they are still white. I am nervous about dropping a full hit now, because I think I only took one hit that night and it lasted 18 hours, even though we think I might have eaten two, because there was one missing, but it could have been anyone, even Matt, that took that extra hit that night... because who knows anything for certain about that night. Now I stick to a half a hit, and even then I get nervous I am losing my mind, but I dig it now. Even looking back on parts of that gnarly trip, I totally dug it... and I dig the memory of it. At the time I dug next to nothing, but there are some things I wouldnt mind experiencing again. At least now I know you can be that close the edge of insanity and still come back, so I'm not as afraid of losing my marbles anymore :-) Probably the grooviest experience I had while tripping though would hafta be after that when I took a half hit and Matt took only one, which was just perfect for the both of us... he kept telling me I was orange and we layed on his bed laughing hysterically the whole time. But the coolest thing was when he played his guitar and I laid on the sofa with my eyes closed and the notes were dropping like raindrops all around the room. I could actually follow the notes with my ears from the guitar to where ever the notes "landed" in the room. It is the neatest thing I have ever experienced!!!!!